How to grow staghorn ferns in a hanging basket

juttz(9b)March 13, 2014

I have a staghorn fern which is quite big and would like to know how to grow it in a hanging basket with cocoa fiber liner..I see them growing in them but Im not sure if you add dirt and how do you put them in the basket..If there is somebody who grows them this way would please give me some instructions, I would be so happy...Judy

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Hey Judy....we're in Colonialtown North a couple minutes from Leu Gardens....You're welcome to visit....the garden is always Open :-)

We have Lots-O-Stags....

The idea is to take a division and place it INSIDE the wire basket with the Frond passing thru the basket....eventually the sterile frond will grow over the wires.....

We had a large fella fall and had plenty of the "larger" pups to work with....the layers of sterile frond are the primary location of the don't need a lot of soil or media BUT it's easier care if they have a moisture reserve....

Here's a wood plaque with wire fencing acting as a basket.....the bright screwheads are visible.....We plan to remove the stag and display it on a garden structure


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And One more picture......our favorite of Stag-as-Table

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