new and needing help starting!

chairmanmeowJune 2, 2009

hi everyone,

i have been gardening and growing for a long time now-- mostly succulents and terrarium items. this is my first year trying to have a veggie garden, tomatoes and peppers only.

my goal is to have a sustainable garden and i am so pleased to see this '4 seasons' veggie garden.

could everyone please send me as many tips and starter advice as you can think of! this is very exciting to me!!

much love-


ps-- i would like to do this all organic as well.

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Four Season gardening is more about year round gardening than the usual growing season. For example, I grow in unheated greenhouses/high tunnels year round in Maine. The Organic forum has a lot more traffic. I'm linking to it below. Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Organic forum

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