growing garbanzo beans

chardellaJuly 9, 2003

Anyone ever grown garbanzo beans (chick peas)????

I'm interested. There is a Mexican in town that has a restaurant and he has turned every square inch of earth into something edible and growing. It is amazing what he has done. He used to garden 20 acres BY HAND in Mexico. It's pretty awesome. Anyway he has garbanzo growing but was unable to give me much info? I'm curiousl

thanks for your help


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I grew them last year. I didn't use them effectively, my garden was too big to do it all. They were totally different than any bean I had ever grown. A lacey plant that made the beans on the end of the stems. Kind of wierd. I didn't harvest them. Not sure if they really got ripe in my northern garden. I got the seeds from Seeds of Change. I would like to try them again. I cut my garden down to a couple of raised beds this year. I use garbanzo flour because it is like regular flour. I am gluten sensitive and am finally baking again using that kind of flour. I get it from Bob's Red Mill.

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augie1906(9 San Fran Cal)

I tried growing garbanzos once before and nothing happened by planting them in the ground. I am currently soaking them and a sprout is coming on. I am Spanish and around the turn of the century it was the staple food (with fideo noodles) of my grand parents and I guess all other people in Spain. I see that you are from Mississippi. when i was a kid a most wonderful lady from Mississippi lived next door. I loved spending time with her. She would tell me about all the plants in her yard and around her fish pond. Also, a few stories about what it was like in Mississippi in the teens and 20's. Now that I am old I realize she was a sort of best friend to me. I've kept up through the years and still at least send a Christmas card to her sons family. I live in San Jose California as did she. She was from Kosciusko and also lived in Thomastown for a while. I hope to one day go and visit her out there.
Augie Gonzales

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Hello! I didn't have success when planting them directly into large planters (they may have been attacked by pigeons, or other birds, as soon as they appeared). However, they sprouted almost immediately (after about 3 days) when I planted them first in little pots in a protected area, in soil mixed with hydrogel.

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