low hoop for winter brassica bed...pests from summer a problem?

t-bird(Chicago 5/6)July 5, 2011

Hi all,

I have a bed I'm planning on dedicating to brassicas for the fall/winter garden, based on it being fully harvest/done with the current crops fairly early, I plan to put a low hoop over it (stuff from johnny's).

Currently in the bed are beets and carrots - beets are small but harvestable, should be going through those in a few weeks. Carrots the same. These were early spring plantings and there are also cukes on one end and zucchini and okra onn the other end which will give out early.

NOW - along with the spring plantings were a few cauliflower that are still small - 2 about 6" high with 4 or so leaves, and 1 I just noticed with the first 2 true leaves.....they are going along very slowly!

I noticed leaf miner marks on the 2 larger ones. nipped those leaves out and discarded.....so far no cabbage worms but have seen the white butterflies about. Training mr puppy to go at them. They do leave the yard once he is on their tail, although he hasn't eaten one yet, he does like moths.....

Is there any hope for these cauliflower at this time to come through?

AND - should I move them to keep the bed free of brassicas (and brassica pests) till the fall bed goes in?

What are your experiences with erecting the hoops, and trapping in pests?

Any advice on beds being used for summer crops, and transitioning to fall with protection?

Thanks for info!

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I have had mixed results growing winter brassicas organically in a 7 climate . The City garden , which is regularly patrolled by a flock of habituated tiny birds , does not get aphids etc any more except on the bottom leaves where the birds don't land .

The Island garden has seen the leaves eaten down to the very STALKS by crickets . I have personally never tried growing them under cover except in the very earliest spring when I dig and plant lettuce and broccoli seeds right after the first frost and cover with remay to keep birds off and provide a bit of insulation against harsh weather .

My kale and broccoli , gorgeous blue cabbage and brussels sprouts and leeks seem to do JUST FINE coverless over the winter . As soon as the increased sunlight hits in Febuary I can start harvesting tender new leaves and even flowers .

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t-bird(Chicago 5/6)

Good info Artist, thanks.

my kale - unprotected - is fine so far, a very mild winter overall, but an unexpected low 1 night took out my cauliflower.....trying again in 2012, lol!

I reckon if you see new growth around feb - in zone 5 I'll have to wait till march....

With the super mild weather, I think a lot will pull through. I have 1 bed not protected - but will try to erect something if dire weather is predicted....1 bed with quick hoops and argibond 19 for frost protection....may go to platic on that when weather turns.

Highs are all above freezing for the rest of the year! Lowest lows at 26....

Wonder what january will bring? At any rate, I'm glad for the late start, and hope it continues mild.....no white xmas for the kiddies....but they don't listen to bing crosby anyway :)

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