Garden Journal July 31

kendrab225(z7 Alabama)July 31, 2003

Hi all,

I thought I would copy this idea from the vegetable garden forum. I really would like to know what's going on in everyone's garden.

I have planted a fall crop of tomatoes that are coming along nicely. A few have set their first fruit.

Started flats of broccoli, endive, head & romaine lettuce, celery, celeriac, brussel sprouts, escarole and radicchio.

I am late planting my rutabagas. I will be getting them in the ground as soon as I get a spot cleared. I will have to build a new bed for my root crops. Got to get to work on that as soon as the rain stops.


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Well, since you asked...

I've harvested all my garlic, and all but 1 25 ft row of onions. They're getting really BIG (yea).

A few weeks ago, I picked all the apricots, and made apricot butter. Funny, but the apricots on the lower branches had lots of "nibble holes" and such, but the ones on the higher branches had none. Wonder what that means.

The green beans have been producing nicely for about 2-3 weeks. This is my first time with green beans...planted them too close so it is a bit tricky to harvest, but they're doing well. How long can I expect to harvest green beans???

If I can find the room, I'd like to have a fall crop...Don't know if there'll be time...hmmm I'll have to calculate it out.

Carrots, Kohlrabi, and mid summer beets are coming along well, along with my summer planting of lettuce. (I planted a row of lettuce o the north side of the sweet corn, to take advantage of the cool shade. Seems to be working ok).

Corn looks good so far...I picked a few ears to see how far along...not far enough (oops). Seems that most kernels are developing...not like last year...(lots of undeveloped kernels on the cob) I guess the best think I can do, is make sure they get enough water and hope no nasty worms and such get in.

Tomatoes were started a bit late, but the plants are loaded with green tomatoes...should be ripening very soon...gotta get more canning jars. (last 2 years I froze all my tomatoes, but I'm really unhappy with those results...freezing sauce is ok, but whole tomatoes get stringy and yucky when frozen).

Cucumbers (also started late) are climbing the trellis and starting to flower.

Cantalope have been flowering and are forming fruit (can't wait)

Green peppers are going gang-busters. Gotta start freezing them. The nicely shaped ones get cut in half, seeded and frozen for stuffed peppers. The funny shaped ones get sliced for stir-frys, the really funny shaped ones get chopped for soups and stews and such.

I'm getting one section (where onions, garlic, and cole crops were) ready for fall planting. I turned in the mulch, and covered the 25'X10' section with 6mil black plastic. In a few weeks, I'll be setting up a 5'X10' raised bed that I will build a cover for (I'll use 2X3s and greenhouse plastic). I'd like to have some cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower. maybe some carrots, beets, and radishes growing in there in the fall and early winter. Really just an experiment to see how it will work. If it works well, I can use it again in the spring to get off to an early start.

Kathy in Illinois

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This year I started four types of lettuce in Feb. and was harvesting them everyday from 1 May to 3rd week of July. I didn't have time to grow more before July but have now planted the seedlings for the next round.

My zucchini didn't do too well this year, so I uprooted them.

The climbing cucumbers are fantastic and give us about four cucumbers every day. There are just so many.

I planted two sorts of green bean, one normal climber of only six plants, which is rambling all over the polytunnel. I think they continue to flower and produce beans for weeks and weeks, provided you harvest them regularly. I pick them every three days and if I don't need them that day, I freeze them.

I also planted the dwarf fine French bean which is just flowering now. I'm hoping to harvest them for about 5-6 weeks too.

My tomatoes didn't do too well this year. They formed the fruit but got botrytis, so I had to throw most of the tomatoes away.

I planted 40 corn seeds, but only four came up, so that was a disappointment too.

For the fall and early winter, I am putting down onions, white raddish (Mooli) and more lettuce, as an experiment, as I want to see what I can grow and for how long in the polytunnel.

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I've put in a small amount of onions, zucchini, tomatoes, winter squash and peas in a new, non-raised garden. The soil isn't great and I don't have a tiller, so it's really more of an experiment while I build up the soil. I hope to add garlic and lettuce and spinach soon.

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Whoa, I'd forgotten about this forum!
Just completed planting all my fall crops:

Hard to beat carrots in the fall harvest from mid-Nov thru late Jan here, much sweeter than summer ones. First time for kohlrabi. Hope temps are mild thru Thanksgiving this year. Happy Harvest, vgkg

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