2013 Summer Lettuce Showdown

bluehrsJuly 29, 2013

In my search to up the number of lettuce varieties I can grow in the heat of summer, I trialed 8 this year.

Black Seeded Simpson
Green Star
Kagraner Sommer
Nevada Lettuce
Red Sails
Super Jericho Romaine

Only my standard bibb bolted - the rest were chosen based on their heat tolerance. The standouts for me were Green Star, Nevada and Kagraner Sommer, but I was impressed by the rest.

Anyone have a suggestion for next summers bolt resistant trials? I'm in Santa Barbara, CA so its a little easier for me than some.

2013 Summer Lettuce Showdown - The Square Foot Gardener Blog

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Wow! So beautiful...great job blue.

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Try out simpson elite (improved version of black seeded simpson), adriana for a green boston, and my favorite variety of lettuce, panisse, which is a wonderful oak leaf variety. All did great in the hottest parts of the summer, adriana will bolt a bit before some of the other varieties but still holds pretty well even in my climate which is much worse than yours for lettuce in july.

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