what can I grow in the winter?

valeriannightmaresJuly 25, 2009

I'd like to grow some eatable plants through the fall and winter seasons, but not sure what my options are. I bought some snow pea seeds that should do well, but I also bought some winter squash thinking it meant you grow it in the winter... I think I may have been wrong.

Does anyone know what sort of plants do well in california (zone 9-10 I think) through the fall and winter months?


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Check out the plnting guide below.

I'm planting brussel sprouts, onions, mustard, pak choy, senposai, radishes, beets, turnips, swiss chard, lettuce, fava beans, kohlrabi and spinach.

Basically, you can grow anything in the cabbage, brassica (brocolli types), lettuce family as well as root veggies and onions.

Here is a link that might be useful: Planting Guide

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jekyll(New Zealand)

Since I'm in New Zealand, I know nothing about your zone, but I'm currently in the middle of winter and trying to figure out what I can grow next year. I did ok until mid May and then I ran out of vegetables. Well I have swiss chard, celery, broccoli, lettuce and various other salad greens, but just not enough to get by without buying vegetables. My garden area was too small and I didn't have much space to plant in the autumn because everything was smothered with my excessively rampant tomatoes.

I'll have broad/ fava beans in the spring, but they aren't flowering yet. I've planted onions, which I expect to harvest around midsummer, and I've planted various other brassicas and have no idea whether they really should be planted in midwinter or not, but I like experimenting.

If you are in a fairly warm climate, then things like spinach, lettuce and other leafy green vegetables may do better in the winter than the heat of summer, because they won't bolt and go to seed.

I've been going to a farmer's market and seeing what they are selling. Various brassicas (especially cabbage), leeks, pumpkin (harvested earlier, but they keep), various salad greens, some root vegetables etc.

If you succeed in keeping yourself going for a while, but then run out, go and see what you can find at a market selling seasonal local produce, that should give you an idea of what will do well and what you feel like eating.

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I had a similar question as we are newbies who want to garden this winter too! So I ran into a gardener at a yardsale the other day in Ione, CA (should be zone 9 or 8? in the foothills near Sacramento) and he had been growing throughout the winter: onions, garlic, cilantro, broccoli, cauliflower, swiss chard, lettuce, and some perennial herbs (lemon balm, maybe thyme? others I can't recall now).

Ditto the farmer's market suggestion - I stopped by the Natural Foods Co-op in Sacramento and took notes on what they said was local when. Kale, local from Nov to March I think? Plus others above.

I read a Sacramento blog and they were picking carrots and radishes last month...

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poppa(z5 MA)

For ha-has... i planted peas in November in a new greenhouse i had "almost" finished. Just wanted to see if they'd survive. Despite winter temps in the single digits, they survived and by the end of january started growing again. Those plants are now over 7 feet tall - compared to my March planting, they are just starting to bloom and are roughly 3 feet high!

Beets also survived but they were sown in sand and didn't grow well. I didn't bother to transplant them. Next Winter i will try them again.

I have broccoli getting close to harvest now, but they are a bit spindly due to a double layer of plastic - i suspect not enough light - i won't try them again.


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Hi sisterrific: I live in Ione, CA, In late fall I plant califlower, broccoli, carrots, greens (chard, spinach and lettuce)garlic, shallots, leeks and green onions. They grow slow during the winter but come spring they really take off so they are about done now. I pulled the lettuce, spinach and chard already and waiting for the peas to finish (the weather has made them keep producing) I also harvesting the carrots alittle at a time. Getting my beds ready for the warm weather seedlings on the porch. Happy gardening :)

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As what I've known the best crops that you can plant are carrots and globe onions- root crops; cabbages and cauliflower for leaf crops.

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I'm in San Diego so I'm almost in your back yard. I always look forward to Fall. There are actually more plants you can grow here in the Winter than the Summer. Start with anything in the cabbage family. That includes Kale, collards, brocoli, cauliflower etc. Just about any of the Chinese greens and boy there are a lot of them. Add radishes, carrots, leafy herbs like parsley and lettuce. Snow and snap pod peas as well as broad beans (fava beans). I know I'm leaving a lot out. There are many more.

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I am in NW Georgia and would ask the same question. What can I grow in fall and winter?

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Peas, cabbage (and family members that I don't grow), onions and garlic as well as potatoes are all happy to grow though the winter. I am zone 7. I plant all these things in the fall. Some lettuce will grow through the winter for me and certainly for YOU you lucky zone person. You can really grow many things in the winter where you are. :D

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