What is wrong with my pea plants?

fiishergurlMarch 11, 2014

I bought sugar snap pea seedlings in a carton of 9 little plants from Home Depot and transplanted them about a week ago. They were healthy looking when I bought them. I planted them in Miracle Gro Potting Mix and put tomato cages upside down and bamboo sticks to make a teepee. The pots have holes and drain well.


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carolb_w_fl(zone 9/10)

Perhaps transplant shock?
I understand peas & beans are not easy to transplant. I always start mine in place - the less the roots are disturbed, the better.

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All I see are a couple of blemishes, is that what you are concerned with? Pea plants don't like the heat, so I don't predict you having much luck with these. I plant the seeds in the ground in the late fall, they aren't harmed by a moderate winter here. Mine are finally succumbing to the higher temps, but I can't complain, we've gotten many weeks of harvest from them.

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Yes, sadly the timing is wrong. Stores should not be selling those plants. Caveat emptor, I guess.

But even the florida master-gardener site planting chart is saying that one can plant english peas through March in central florida. Well, of course one can plant them but the results will not be good. I commented about it and they agreed that the chart is in error. It is odd, because the number one most common gardening problem (or at least tied for top place) is incorrect crop timing.

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Ok thanks everyone. They were 3 at home depot for a flat of 9 but each little cup had about 4 plants in it. The chart showed they could be grown now so I bought them but will try again in the fall. .. :-)


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Meant to say $3.00.

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It's a shame that more people don't complain to these big box stores about how they try to sell plants to regions in the wrong season. Two of the biggest ones are the Japanese Magnolia and the Bradford Pear trees that they push every Spring because the blooms are so gorgeous and they are not suited for this far South.

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I'm in zone 10a (St. Pete), and my sugar snaps tend to do okay up until May. I plant a new batch every 3 weeks or so. I planted some 3-4 weeks ago and they are very healthy looking. We have had warmer nights but probably cooler days than inland. With some plants - such as napa cabbage and the snap peas, I have found that the initial temps matter the most. if the plants get a decent cool period while growing, they will do okay and produce even if it warms up some what. If it is warm from the start, it is a different story. I also agree about the transplanting thing - they do better planted from seed.

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Yes, it is likely true that the coastal areas can push it a little further. The interior of the peninsula is a harsh climate all round.

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Thanks everyone for the feedback. They are looking better for now and I learned a lesson (or two... timing and starting from seeds)... :-)

We are right on the east coast of Florida on the intracoastal waterway so it's a little bit cooler here than inland. But way too much wind.


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