Ipe blooms!

thonotoroseMarch 8, 2012

Just spent a while trying to find my original post but came up empty.

Wanted to thank the Florida Garden Bud who suggested I use acid fert on my 10+ year old Ipe that had NEVER bloomed.


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Veronica, it's lovely - I'd love to have a start! Email me through 'my page' and tell me what you'd like in trade. Thanks!

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Do you see it growing in your area? I do not know how far north it will grow. It may set seed pods this year though it took so long to bloom you might be better off with one from a nursery.


Here is a link that might be useful: Tabeuia impetiginosa

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Veronica, I have not seen this tree in my area. My research reveals that it's only hardy to zone 9. I DO have a greenhouse, but it's not big enough to house what will become a 20' tree!

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