Vegetable Planting

illinois_newbieJuly 17, 2010

What vegetable seeds can I plant over the next 6 weeks to extend my harvest? I am in zone 5 or 6 (depending on where you look) and I am growing in containers (all sizes)? Thanks

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Lettuce, spinach, chicories, carrots, winter radishes, chard, beets, turnips....


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I prefer you lettuce. I had grown lettuce in pots before using cocopeat as a medium and got very good result. That why I choose lettuce.

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Do you have any sort of way to cover your containers when it gets cold over the next few weeks?

You could make a make-shift greenhouse shelter with some plastic and/or a bed sheet. Toss in a light bulb and it could very well keep your container plants from freezing.

And of course, if you just want to plant seedlings, they don't require large containers, and you probably ought to start those indoors.

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