Im having tons of issues container gardening here..

karjab40August 12, 2013

OMG..I am soo frustrated. I've only been gardening three years. We are a military family and we just moved from fort campbell kentucky to oahu hawaii. On this base housing i am not allowed to grow anything in the ground so everything is in containers, which is fine because at the last base i had a lot of container plants as well. So first i realized there are no bee's around here so I tried to pollinate the squash and cucumbers no evail. Then I found maggots in my sweet peppers!!! And now...My tomatoes, which are my biggest growers and what i use to make all sauces etc..and can. (i made pickels in the past too)..are now suffering from early blight!!!! The soil i bought for the containers was organic. I do use miracle grow but no pesticides yet. But at this point seriously considering using something because all the money we have put into re-creating a garden in a different location. I can't find many blogs on vegetable gardening for my i am LOST...does anyone have any advice or ideas???? Much appreciated..

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I'm sorry you're having so much trouble. You may want to attract pollinators with flowers. I imagine gardening in KY is much different than Hawaii. Did you follow the planting times for your area? Sometimes suceptibility to pests and disease increases because they were planted too early or late. Here in Florida I had to pull up my tomatoes because it got too hot.

There is a Container Gardening forum and a Hawaii Gardening forum that would have gardeners that could really help you. I love this site because I have been able to find specific help for my area. Hope you can get some Hawaiian gardeners to chime in!

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zzackey(8b GA)

Do you have an agricultural center near you? They help me with lots of questions and have free info pamphlets.

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I'm also container (vegetable) gardening in Hawaii (KBay). This is my first time gardening, I started in May and it's now November. Beetles, aphids and THE WIND are my biggest enemies. I've lost many plants but I've come back behind with Asian varieties. My regular tomatoes weren't doing so great and the wind kept snapping them or just dumping them on their side. I'm now growing husky cherry tomatoes. Much shorter/thicker branches but through trial and error, I've determined cherries do much better here. Also, I'm not mixing bone meal or manure into my plants anymore. Seems like the flies that lay leafminer eggs LOVE that's stuff. I didn't have leafminer issues until I used that stuff. Also, the beetles are vicious and they SLAUGHTERED my heirloom green beans. They came in hoards and also went after my Thai basil and Japanese eggplants. I put my the green beans, eggplants and basil far from my other plants and hit them with 7 dust. I felt terrible having those chemicals around and did my research. I found a more delicious tasting and less bug/disease susceptible green bean to grow here. Also, my bush cucumbers were only giving me male flowers (much like my zucchini and squash) so I found an alternative cucumber. My Thai basil and Japanese eggplants are doing great now that I pulled up my heirloom green beans. I dont use any insecticides on them anymore. In the back my husband built me a huge trellis for my Chinese long beans and Japanese cucumbers. I haven't hit my 1st harvest yet but they look amazing! I mixed in bone meal to the potting mix (I was being a queen of denial still when I repotted them) and it called all the dang flies back! Other than that, they're doing great. I thought had aphids because a few ants are always on the long beans and cucumbers but after doing my research, it turns out ants just like to lick the flowers.

I haven't dealt with blight but 1 time with a bell pepper I bought from the annex. I reported it into a 3 gallon container using 1/3 black cinders and the rest potting mix. I also started sprinkling it lightly with Epsom salt every other week and it bounced back. I use black cinders 1/3 of the way up in all of my pots. I have to water everyday due to the heat but it's helped keep me from drowning any of my plants.

Please post an update on your garden and good luck. Judy

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