how late? help plz

bbronAugust 29, 2003

Hi all , I just bought a green house and am still taking it down 28x96 alota work. I was wondering the latest i could grow some vegs in it, the ground hasnt been worked yet so i'll have to work it & let it season 4 a few weeks. It's not going to be insulated or heated . just wanting to know if i should buy the plastic & go ahead. i would hate to waste a season of plastic for noting.

Any comments would b appreciated

Thx Bob

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Hi Bob. You should be able to sow winter crops for quite a while yet. Even if your greenhouse isn't fully covered you should start seedlings for transplant now, and every week thereafter. There are some things you will be able to start in the greenhouse after the plastic is up too. I've used Eliott Coleman's book "Four Season Harvest" as a guide which has been extremely helpful to me. This will be my 2nd season growing greens, etc. over the winter. In my zone(5) I plant in cold frames inside of the greenhouse to boost the temps. So get planting. You still have a little time. Good luck, Barb

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Thx so much Barb, was kinda down, Thx for the energy boost lol I do have some starts that have been in the flats for 3 weeks already. Do u start seeds all winter?


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Check with your state's Extension Service. Each county has it's own Cooperative Extension Office which provides free publications and information for the asking. They'll surely have something on greenhouse production in your area.

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