small sunny front yard - help me plan

onthebrinkMarch 25, 2012

My front yard is divided in two by walkway up to the house. One side is shady due to a big magnolia. It's primarily nautral mulch, ferns, caladium, etc.

The other side is in full sun (facing east). It's small (bordered by the driveway, street, walkway, and another curved walkway closer to the house). Last year I had perennial peanut, which was wonderful, but I'm not sure if it will come back. I ripped out the privets that were by the street. So, it's a fairly blank slate.

What about something like in the link? Could I put something showy, like a rose, in the middle? (I know nothing of roses, but would like to learn!)

Here is a link that might be useful: raised circular herb garden

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L_in_FL(8B/9A Border, NW FL)

I've always loved those circular gardens. :-)

The one thing you might want to consider is winter appearance. You can always hide winter bare spots on the bottom level with winter annuals, but a big plant in the center will be very visible year 'round. I have roses all along the front of my house, which means that in the winter I have bare stems all along the front of my house. Some plants have a nice branch structure or interesting bark, and so they look good even when naked. Roses are (IMO) not one of those plants! Every winter I toy with the idea of replacing some/all of the roses with evergreen shrubs because of this, but every spring I chicken out because I like the rose blooms. I am just trying to help you avoid the situation I have put myself into.

I know I am way north of you, so maybe someone closer to Lakeland will chime in, but don't you get enough cold to defoliate roses for a couple of months?

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