planting fall veggies in clumps

sandyinva(7A)August 25, 2012

I have decided to do a fall garden, I did not decide soon enough to plant seedlings, and will have to order on line. Some of the online sites package their veggies 2-3 in a pot, and suggest that they be planted that way. I have never planted broccoli or cauliflower in clumps. Will it compromise production?

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It certainly will, sounds like a crazy idea to me. Sometimes i get greedy and plant my broccoli too close together, result...smaller heads. For better production i'd space them 400mm apartvat least. If you have the room try planting the 3 together as suggested and compare your bounty.


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Thanks, Dan, I held off, the company had sad you could separate them but it would risk injuring the plants, and that seemed like a red flag, I had never heard of planting veggies like that except for cukes. I will plan ahead and do my own seedlings next year.


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jrslick (North Central Kansas, Zone 5B)


I know this is an older post, but it isn't crazy, you can do it and it works. I have done this with broccoli in one of my movable high tunnels and had beautiful heads. It is an idea from Eliot Coleman.

Here is clump of 4 broccoli plants.

Here is the whole movable spot after I moved the building off of it.

Sorry, I can't find any mature pictures.


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I have a friend that planted cabbage, sprouts and broccoli three and four to a clump. The only thing he did was to space the clumps at a larger distance than he would single plants. Like Jay he had a good crop and less hand weeding was needed. I also have grown onions in clumps of three or four they also grow fine this way. My thanks to Elliot Coleman for that information on planting in a clump.


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