How to store cuttings?

xnrgx(8a to 9)November 15, 2010

Just so I make sure I understand... I can place fig cuttings in a zip lock back with some wet newspaper, and place it in the fridge till spring? Is that correct?

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i use paper towels , i lightly wet them and store in zip lock bag in the fridge.

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I don't understand the frig storage. I pot the Cutting rapped in wet napkin in a Zip bag. Left them on top of the TV which gets warm. I noticed some leaves growing I took them out of the bag and put them in plastic cups wrapped in we napkins. They grew roots. When the roots were 2 to 3 inches. I planted them in pots with mix of soil and saw dust. Now I have three little fig trees setting on my TV. Honestly I did not know what I was doing it is a pure luck. I will keep them inside until they are big enough to go outside.

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foolishpleasure, by putting the cuttings in the fridge thats the best way to store cuttings until you can get to them again or the environment to better for rooting. My experience is that my home is too cold in the winter for rooting cuttings and its best for me to wait until spring to root in a bag. I don't own a TV so thats out for me. Rigo has good advice. The cuttings will last for months in the fridge.

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if your trying to root figs in winter time, i usually put them in a plastic rubbermaid tote and on those really cold days i put a heating pad on med or low for a couple of hours in the morning.

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My cuttings are 12-16" long should I cut them in hald to double them. I dont think my wife wants to see a bunch of sticks in the fridge. can i just keep'em in the cool basement?
Can i just stick them in soil or should that wait untill spring?

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Do not use the wet paper towel. They will die of mold or most of them well. Put them in triple wrapped saran kitchen plastic wrap, and keep cool. They will last easily until the spring.

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Dennis AKA Snaglpus(8a)

Hey guys, listen to Jose....what he is saying is true! Mold will develop if you place a damp or wet paper towel in with your cuttings and placed in the fridge. If you use the wet paper towel trick, your cutting will do fine for a few days. But as the days go by mold will set in and all your cuttings will be dead. Wrapping them in cling film aka saran wrap will do the job....just make sure they are washed and bleached according to JD's way and air dried before wrapping them. Cheers, Dennis

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Hey Dennis & Jose ,

Can you give a bit more info on the Saran wrap method .

-do you seal the ends on the Saran wrap by folding over ?
-how many cuttings per bundle ?
- do you then put in a ziplock bag ?
-what length do you recommend ?

Thanks ...... John

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I received some cuttings from a fig friends. Each one was separately rolled in saran wrap with a few layers airtight. Thety were shipped to me in late January and I placed them in a ziploc bag and stored them in the vege compartment. I rooted the last few of these cuttings in August after seven months storage. The cuttings looked fresh even in Auguest and retained its own moisture and colour. I made sure the fridge vege drawer stayed above freezing temp.

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I just wanted to add to Jose and Dennis's comments. They both have it right concerning the best way, by far, to store your cuttings.

When I wrap mine this way, I roll them up as tight as possible without harming the cuttings. As I roll them in the plastic wrap, I attempt to press out as much air as possible. I'll roll them up a little, then fold the ends of the wrap up, roll them a little more then repeat until I'm done.

All this info about pressing the air out and folding the ends in as you go may seem a bit obsessive. But I've had cuttings come out fresh and viable after MORE THAN A YEAR using this method. As long as they were healthy, dormant cuttings to begin with that is.

If you're new to propagating figs and you're wondering what would be the best way to store your cuttings until spring, please give this storage method a try. You will save yourself a lot of heartache.

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Such valuable info! You guys are great.

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