My cheapie cold frames...

rayinpenn(6)September 18, 2009

I finally got around to taking a few photos of my cheapie cold frames... Comeone please let me know if the link works...

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So what have I learned so far..
1) The carrots which I started in the open and moved the cold Frame over are doing great! Lush! with tons of green tops.
2) The other coldframe had a few lettuce & spinach pop but very few? The lettuce and spinach I started in a bed along side of the frame about a week later sprouted in 3 days and is doing just fine. So I retilled the soil in the nearly barren frame and did a heavy planting of spinach and lettuce..
My wife thinks it was lack of water..Even though I have kept the lids open most days, and My plastic isnt clear the frames seems to create a thirsty micro-climate that unfortunately do not get the benefit of natural rain (we have had plenty)...Now I'll be watering every day rain or not. First frost in 10/15 roughly 30 days away so there should still be fingers remain crossed- 49 degress this morning..we are in a cold snap...
Ill add some more depth to the frames for the spring try ..and I'll see if I can try a different design..

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So rayinpenn you still with us, how bout an update? What is your latitude? Are you waiting for spring? I had a great salad for dinner tonight, and only have 2 square foot of cool frames,and would like to expand. My latitude here is 43.91 the same as Eliot Coleman. To strong of wind for low tunnel No energy for high tunnel.Thanks.:-)

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