Marking underground lines in your yard

Irma_StPete(z9 FL)March 4, 2014

Phone company will replace my line soon. Their little flags mark where we agreed it will go. But I expect I will forget in coming years. Will make a paper map, of course, but wondering if any of you mark the path of line(s) in your yard - and if so, how.

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All of the low voltage lighting lines in my garden run under the stepping stones that form the pathways. Since I doubt I'll ever plant anything in the middle of a pathway, there's little chance for cutting a wire.

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love_the_yard(z9A Jax FL)

Irma, any time I do something underground in my yard (or hire someone) - think irrigation system, cable tv lines, etc. - I take lots of photos throughout the process. Make sure to take as many far away as you do close up, so you have points of reference. Every time I have relocated a sprinkler head - and I have moved almost every single one since I've been here - I took lots of photos. Same with my valve boxes. Also, I recently had my irrigation meter removed and the irrigation supply reconnected to the house supply.

Also, last summer, the water main broke going into the next door neighbor's home connection. Of course, it is right next to mine, and the city utility company was out here for two days, half the time in my yard. Took lots and lots of photos of that process and what was "down under".

Same when the homes on either side of me were sold and a surveyor came and marked the property line. Lots of photos again. It's a good reference.

Carol in Jacksonville

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