growing asparagus in Phoenix

growlove(zone4 Ia.)September 12, 2010

I have been asked by a friend what he should do with his asparagus in his garden in Phoenix. Since I am from Iowa where our asparagus freezes back in the winter,I don't know if it can grow in Phoenix. Does it die back naturally without a freeze? Mary

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It doesn't work well here without much cold weather but people keep trying. Who knows it could climatetize so if he has it in his garden then just keep trying, but here it usually just slowly gets smaller until it dies. But then your friend has a different climate than we do so nothing beats a try

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I completely disagree with Paul. I am growing asparagus in a region of Arizona that is probably a little warmer than Phoenix. I have two neighbors that are growing beautiful patchs-- one that has been producing for at least 8 years. I understand that asparagus does need a dormancy period which here would be in the cooler months. I plan on cutting the tops back at that time and I will turn off the water on them. I am now in the process of building 4 boxes, 4'x 9' out of 2 by 8s so that I can expand my production.

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Here in S.C. we plant twice the asparagus beds, then what we need in spring. We harvest from half the plants & ignore the other half until late June or July. Then we cut the ferns down with a lawn mower & water the beds, then wait for the new spears. What about the storage of energy for next year? The ferns will store up energy from April to July, before the next harvest.

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