Fixing a butchered Fig

cindycfcNovember 11, 2010

Our nephew pruned our fig tree a couple of years ago all the way branches at all. We were floored. It grew out and is producing wonderful white figs (they are green, but I am told they are white), however, some of the branches are so high even with a 10' ladder I can't reach them, and there are a ton of little branches comming down that inter-tangle. I was surprised it survived, but it is very old, at least 30 years. How do I prune it and when, so that the branches grow out lower and don't go straight up and I can create not such a tangle on the lower ones. I had never pruned it before and it wasn't producing well, it is now but it needs some help. Help!!

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cindycfc I have read about what you need to do and seen some videos on it. I could parrot what I have learned. However I have never done it and I'm no expert. There are several experts though in the Fruit & Orchard forum who would be able to answer your every question.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fruit & Orchards Forum

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my dog pruned my fig tree to the ground and it survived, in fact it grew much faster than my other fig tree that was never pruned, so I'm inclined to say that doing something like that maybe once or twice in the tree's life could actually be good for the tree.
I have no input on pruning the tree. I have the opposite problem. I want my fig tree to get tall. I don't mind using a ladder, and I like the shade they can provide here in AZ.

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