Better late than never

phebe_greenhouseOctober 22, 2010

I meant to get all my winter vegs in during JULY this year.

But then I got sick, and went into the hospital --- by the time I got free of all that, it was September. MIDDLE September.

Nevertheless I planted three long raised beds with a lot of lettuce and cole plant seeds of all sorts.

Now on 22 October I've got mesclun lettuce and oriental mixed salad greens ready to use. I've transplanted to wider spacing Chinese cabbage, Parel cabbage, radicchio, and two kinds of broccoli. I left in place (thinned) beets and those fall red-inside radishes.

I have Lola greenhouse tomatoes sown in the greenhouse and Marketmore cukes also in the greenhouse, and all are doing well, we'll see how they do this fall and winter.

I need to get a lot more multiplier onions in the ground: this is the time to plant them. They multiplied FIVE TIMES for me last year. I have so many I took some that were sprouting, a hundred or so, and planted them out as green onions. They aren't very strong and make good vigorous thin green onions fast. I pull some for salad daily now.

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Great job! How 'bout an update?

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phebe, I have multiplier for the first year,this winter.
I hope to have enough to eat a few & plant same to keep them going.
Glad thing work out for you.
Any tips on the multiplier.

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