what is killing my fall lettuce and spinach?

briank82(8)October 19, 2013

Hello folks.

A few weeks back I planted some lettuce and spinach for fall. The store-bought lettuce plants are doing awesome. However, tyee spinach I started from seed and escarole are dying off. I can't figure it out but I am wondering if it may be nematodes. when I check the seedlings, I see a few wilted. If I go to pull them, many times the roots are gone... like something is killing them right at the soil surface. when roots are present, I cannot see clear indications of nematodes. I should add, that this is not some form of mammal doing this. No signs of that whatsoever...footprints, waste, nibbling on leaves. Anyone's thoughts or possible solutions are appreciated. I try to be organic but I am not 100% and will use some products that are not for organic gardening

thanks in advance


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No reply required. I figured it out by digging around. It was cutworms. They will dine on cornmeal and Baccilus Thurengis tonight.

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