How Harvest Corn Salad / Mache?

CodywalkerOctober 31, 2004


What's the best way to havest Corn Salad / Mache? If you cut just some of the leaves, will it keep growing and give you another cutting? (I.e. like spinach?). Or should you just pull out the whole plant and chop off the roots. This is my first year for Corn Salad / Mache. I have it growing in a low grow tunnel. Thanks.

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veilchen(5b southern Maine)

You can do both and yes, it will continue to grow (slowly) if you cut off individual leaves.

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Say, Codywalker,
I've taken Eliot Coleman's advice, and I grow mache in my coldframes, along with some other all-winter vegetables he suggests in his book, Four Season Harvest. One tip: I discovered that it is best to havest mache with a small sharp knife, as he suggests. I had reasoned that cutting it with scissors was the superior way. But the sharp knife simply works better. ---Bunn

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I don't know my zone but I live in Western Ky. This is my first year planting Mache (Corn Salad. I never heard of it until this year. Can I plant it now in April 9th...?

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