Where to buy palms near Gainesville?

pikador(8)March 10, 2013


I am new to FL and new to this forum. We just bought a house in Gainesville and I would like to plant a few nice palms. We really like Canary Island, Medjool, and Sylvester palms (in that order). Diamond cut is the main reason we like them. They all seem to be doing Ok here in zone 8. Can anyone recommend a good local nursery that will sell these palms and not charge thousands of $$? We want to buy a couple of fairly established trees (about 3-5 feet of clear trunk). It will probably be quite expensive, that's why I thought I'd ask for advice.

Thanks in advance!

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HD has a vendor, "tree town" that can get you Sylvestris, pindo, and a few others with nice caliber and good height fo about $150.00. Tree town has a nice website, but only sell wholesale.

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Thank you, wallisadi! I checked with HD but they are asking for a minumum $2,000 order to get those larger palms for me. I spent the day chcking the local nurseries and got the best deal from Mr. Good Tree (mrgoodtree.com). A Sylvester palm with 4 feet of clear trunk will cost me about $400 planted. Best deal I could find.

I heard a lot of contradictory information about Phoenix canariensis vs Phoenix Sylvestris. Most people say that Sylvestris is better suited for Gainesville but several landscapers recommended Canariensis over Sylvestris saying they do better in the winter. Any thoughts?


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I'd personally stick with the Sylvestris . A lot nicer color on the trunk and frawns . From what I've seen and heard the canary palms have more issues. Good luck!

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check chestnut hill tree farm/nursery in Alachua, just up the road from you

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