bed rotation for gardening year round

pasogirl75(z06 PA)October 19, 2003

my local community gardeners are looking for tips and hints on how to rotate crops when we garden all year. what plants do you group together, do you have to leave a space fallow for a season? any help is appreciated!

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Since no one has answered your question, I'll tell you what I do, though definitely I'm not an expert. I'm in a similar climate zone as you and so garden year round. I am an organic gardener, so rotation is perhaps more important to me than to someone who uses chemicals. I have never left any space fallow and haven't had a problem. My rules are pretty simple. For example, I don't plant tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants, and peppers together. They form one group. I don't plant any of those in the same place as each other for 3 years. So, for example, if I had tomatoes in the summer, I don't put potatoes in tht same space in the following winter or for 2 more years. In the same way I group- (peas and beans,) (carrots, parsley, and root crops in general.) (winter squash, summer squash, cucumber, melons) (onions, garlic, and leeks)(brocolli, cauliflower, cabbage, but not lettuce) A lot of the literature says you should leave 2 years for some plants and 4 years for others, but I can't keep up with anything so complicated. I just do 3 years for everything. For crop rotation to work well you have to keep good records from year to year. I write everything down in a notebook as I plant it. I also note down any problems I have throughout the season, seeds that fail to germinate, diseases, insect infestations, etc. I do square foot gardening which makes it a bit easier because I have my squares numbered, but you can do the same with rows.
Hope this helps.

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SusanMarie(z8 WA)

Saw the following page recently and thought of your question. A rotation schedule is down the page half way or so.

Here is a link that might be useful: Synergistic Garden rotation

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