What disease is this?

misslisamhamNovember 14, 2012

I thought I knew this was fig mosaic virus, then I thought it was rust, but now I'm not sure. The details:

- The main fig tree died years back, before I bought this house. I'm told it had wonderful fruit.

- These leaves are on one of several suckers that have just come up since I bought the house. I located the old trunk and it's (predictably) right in the middle of the circle of suckers.

- A sucker will come up, be hearty and strong until about a foot high, then the leaves get brown spots and eventually fall off. I thought it was rust, but this has all been during the dry season here in California--it had not rained once in months and this was still happening, and with no overhead watering. Thought it could be that I was giving them too much water, but even as I've stopped the disease has continued. (photo below, note the brown spots along the bottom.)

- The trunk is in soil that is rich but compressed, and has been covered in ivy and under a privet and a plum until just recently.

Thoughts? I'd like to nurture this tree back, if possible.

If it is FMV, has anyone heard of a tree overcoming the disease, or learning to live with it?


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Why don't I see the photos?

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Sorry about that. Here's one, and I'll show another in a separate post.

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Here's one more, showing the brown spot clearly.

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