a few favorites from the last few days

organic_kitten(8)June 14, 2014

Cast Your Crown:

Grouping with Kansas City Kicker ,Esprit de Corp, and Alabama Jubilee:

My Chihuahua Bites:

My Garden at Peak...it has less bloom now:

This is my new garden buddy. I first noticed him walking through my garden a few times and he would run and hide when he saw me. I would call him and he would stop...finally after several encounters, he came to me and I petted him, and now he sleeps either in the greenhouse (bottom shelf) or along the path through the daylilies. His eyes are a different green than my other cats, more of a blue green than a yellow green. He seems to be less than a year old, and I have named him Gus.


Right side of path:

Blue Ribbon Rodeo:

Hot Lave:

The Secret of Enchantment:

Whistlers Sister:


Probably too many, so I'll stop


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deangreen(7b OK)

I really like that rock city sign!! great pic. I had a friend who copied a Rock City billboard onto the side of his shed once. great! :)

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So many pretties! I esp like all the groupings and Cast Your Crown.
Kitty!! :)

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shive(6b TN)

Everything is looking good! My favorite photo is the one that shows the right side of the path. Lots of stunners in that shot!


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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

beautiful kay; just beautiful. love the garden shot.BLUE RIBBON RODEO is a stunner. gorgeous.Deliverer: is so pretty, too. I love Hot Lava.I lost mine during the winter and I sure hate that > I really liked it..


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Maryl zone 7a

What a kind heart you have taking in a new little boy. Blessings upon you both.....Your daylilies are beautiful as usual. Alabama Jubilee always grabs my attention. Since I love hot colors I don't know why I haven't tried it yet....Can you tell me what that cherry red one is in your group picture right behind the pink in the "right side" photo?........... Maryl

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Blue Ribbon Rodeo gets my vote. I like that shade of purple.

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Fate has given you such a pretty one. Look at those soft eyes, that striped tail.

Your garden has such spacious paths. I especially like the grouping under "right side of path." Cast Your Crown is really a toothy one! Crown of Enchantment is eye catching, but an evergreen blooming beneath the foliage. Blue Ribbon Roundup is also an eye catcher.

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I also especially like the Right side of the path shot. Those are stunning.

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Beautiful daylilies today, but I'm particularly interested in finding out the name of the one in the photo labeled "right side of path." It's a bright pink watermark right in the middle of your photo. Any chance you can tell which daylily I mean?

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That's Wall of Fire. Somebody asked about it on an earlier thread.

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Julia NY(6)

Kay: do you think that CAST YOUR CROWN looks very much like ROCKS CRY OUT minus the toothy edges on CYC?

I can't believe your already at peak.The garden shots are lovely. Nice pic of your new garden buddy.


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Deangreen, that is a birdhouse sold by Rock City. We had to almost rebuild it to make it stable, but I like it because of memories of barns with "see Rock city" signs painted on the roofs.

Nat4b, Cast Your Crown is not a large bloom, but packs a lot into the space.

Thanks, Jean. That's too bad. A couple of my daylilies took some damage, but I didn't lose any. I did lose so0me roses though.

Maryl, The hot pink is Wall of fire, and the red to the right of it is a Munson called African Plum...it is red, but has some purplish hues in it as the light strikes it. I am enjoying Gus, since he likes to keep me company when I'm in the garden...especially when I pick blueberries for some reason.

Ikad, it is another small bloom, but such a pretty one.

Mantis, he is a pretty little cat. Much smaller than my indoor tabbies. I don't know how it is, but the path isn't as spacious as it once was. I am planning a change in the big front bed this fall. I plan to move the large lilies to another area and plant daylilies and hecheras there.

Mantis is right, Chris. that is Wall of Fire...it is an eye-catching bloom and is little bothered by thrips.

No, Juliana, Rocks Cry Out and Cast Your Crown are both toothy, but The colors are similar. CYC is about half the size bloom as RCO. RCO has a two color effect to the petals, but not the sepals, (bitone) and CYC had the same color on petals and sepals. CYc has is toothy on sepals and petals. See below for comparison.

CYC is much smaller and is red with the golden toothy edge:

Because of the color similarity and the toothiness, I'm sure they are "kin", but haven't looked them up.

As for being at peak, I have a lot of plants already putting up instant rebloom so who knows how it will end up. I'm sending as many daylilies as he will take home with my brother this week. He is coming up from Shreveport and wants some daylilies.


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Sorry for the duplicate

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

oops, forgot to mention how much I like the new garden buddy "Gus" I love his color, all the strays that show up here are always black, and I am not fond of black cats, altho,I feed them and give them clean water and some times some milk, too.


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