How to bury a fig tree

toni010101November 7, 2007

Hi Guys,

I have a small fig tree that I put in the ground this spring. It is about 2 years old. The tree was cut from a tree from Italy that has large green figs. (Not sure what kind) The fruit is very good. I was told to bury the tree. Can anyone tell me how to do that and when? It still has all its leaves, but we are getting 30's temps in the evening.

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Burying a fig tree is very simple and probably the best way to keep it from freezing. All u have to do is:
1. tie it up so its compact
2. dig a trench starting at the base of tree and go as long as the tree is high and you'll wanna go a about 3 feet deep.
3. once u have dug the pit, go around to the opposirte side of the pit and stick your spade in the ground there,u may have to remove a shovel or 2 of dirt and you should notice that the tree will be easy to push over into the pit, without having to cut any roots.
4. u may want to wrap the tree in tar paper to keep it from getting moist, and possibly place a piece of plywood over it ( the ply wood just keeps you from hitting the tree with the spade and damaging it come time to dig it up again)
5. backfill the hole with the dirt you just removed.

I've been doing that to my tree for over 10 years now and have never had any trouble with it other the work that it takes to dig. You can usually bury around this time of year when the temp at night starts dropping below 35

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Thank you so much or the info. What else can I use to wrap it. I dont know where to get tar paper.

By the way, do you have any idea what kind of tree produces this type of fig? (large green) someone called them white figs

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your welcome!

I personally never have used tar paper, although everyone else on this site will probably recomend it. Tar paper can be bought at home depot or any other building supply store. Last year i just used a large felt sheet and i have even buried some years without wrapping it in anything. Although not wrapping it makes it more difficult to unbury as dirt gets between the branches covers them so u have to dig out each individual branch so as not to break them.

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almost forgot, as for identifying types i have no idea, i've had my tree for over 10 years which produces some kind of large green figs and i don't even know what type they are. i just like eating them lol

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lol...Do you think a piece of plastic should be ok? like a shower curtain liner or tablecloth?

I almost forgot the most impotant question, when do i bring it back out of the ground? April, May????

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I'd stay away from platics as they're not really breathable. A cloth table cloth will do fine. Unbury when the temperature begins warm to back up and the dangers of overnight frost are minimul. Usually around late April or early May.

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Are you guys serious? If I had to dig a trench 8-10 ft long and three feet deep I'd have to hire a backhoe. Anything deeper than six inches and you're talking pickaxe, not shovel, in my yard, and that's NO exageration. How close to the tree do you start the trench? I would love to see pictures of your burying process, start to finish.

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My tree is very small, only 3 yrs old. So this year should be I will take pictures and post. If I do it the right

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