corgicorner(Mass 6/7)November 20, 2003

.....I saved some "PITS" from some peaches we bought for eating this Fall. I took these "pits" to the cellar, and cracked one open. Inside I found what I believe is a seed one seed per "pit". I planted 8 of them in pots in sterilized soil.

Can you offer me some advise as to when they might germinate? They are inside the house in a west window. Thank you.

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Peach seeds require one to two cold periods in order to germinate. Set your pots outside for the winter. Many seeds will germinate in the spring provided winter temperatures are consistantly below 40 degrees F. If they don't germinate, they may require "another winter". You can fool Mother Nature by placing the pots in the fridge sealed inside a plastic bag for 90-120 days then return to the warm weather outdoors. Make sure you keep the pot watered when placing outside. The resulting plants usually don't resemble the parent plants nor will the fruit because most fruit trees are hybrids and grafted onto rootstocks.

This cold spell will break their dormancy...so you can still do your experiment...it'll just take a little longer.


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