Built three mini hoophouses

mstrgrdnr(8 GA)November 29, 2004

Finally took the plunge....

In my 4 x 8 raised garden beds I put up four half circle hoops. I took ten foot long pieces of 1" PVC pipe and pushed the ends into the ground on either side of the bed. I then covered the pipe with 3 mil plastic and clamped it into place with big binder clips from the office supply.

I have planted a variety of salad greens: mache, mesclun, lettuce, cress, chervil, endive, radicchio, and spinach. So far everything is growing except for the spinach which is a zero so far.

I open the ends for ventilation on warm days and then close it up to catch warmth for cool nights.

I have tons and tons of volunteer tomatoes sprouting up and I plan to use one of my three houses for tomatoes only.

This is my first adventure into growing in a hoop house of any type. I plan to build a cold frame next weekend and experiment to see what happens.

My neighbors always thought I was nuts....they have another reason to think so now....he he...

Good Gardening!


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Congrats, I just built one a couple weeks ago on raised bed
using 10'cpvc pipe.Not growing any veggies now that we're
well into winter up here but planted winter rye in it and
having fun watching it grow.


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dethride(7a / 6b GA)

Way to go! I have yet to build my additional layer of protection over my coldframes for my beloved veggies. I have a spotty track record with spinach - mostly lousy - but have managed to get a few up this fall both inside coldframes and outside in the garden. I've been transplanting the garden spinach into the coldframes and they've been doing better. I want that double layer fo protection that Eliott Coleman writes about in his Four Seasons book. I'm envious of your crops! All I have left is what little collards I have left after the damn deer have munched on to their heart's delight, some nice red russian kale, and maybe a broccoli nub or two. In my coldframes, the radishes have started to come up but our N. Ga morns are down in the mid twenties and that makes for some slow growth. I've also planted bunching onions, and several kinds of radishes. I'm kinda proud of my coldframes I've built out of old cedar deck boards and patio doors. I insulated with foamboard painted white and added cast iron window weights to help open the rather heavy doors. Now if I can get something to grow...

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bluemill(zone8,9,10 ca.)

so excited to hear everyones success. new to computer. i built a type of "pup tent" greenhouse. used 6'poles and 10x25' plastic on each side. dark colored buckets hold plastic in place along inside. buckets filled with water, which absorb heat during day and release heat at night. fun to have big greenhouse!!

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