cold fall in MN crop report

little_minnie(zone 4a)November 16, 2013

It got down to 11 degrees here Tuesday morning so when I picked for market Thursday afternoon I wasn't sure which crops would make it even under row cover. Mizuna under one layer got touched enough to be unpickable. Napa under 2 layers was ok but outside leaves were damaged. Chard under 2 layers seems about done but a few inner leaves were fresh. Most lettuce under 2 layers was ok but some of the outside leaves died. Broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower was not dead but was soft. I didn't get a chance to check beets. Kale, spinach, tatsoi, arugula and bok choy were all quite good under 2 layers and have shown growth. Pea shoots under 2 layers were still alive and delicious. Turnips in the open didn't look great leaf-wise but were pickable. Carrots and parsnips were fine as well as leeks and scallions. Parsley, dill and cilantro under 1 layer were fine but had no growth. I plan on another picking of greens and carrots.

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I appreciate the report. I've been away from my garden in WV for some weeks, and the temps have been down to single digits several times, with no snow cover. (just one layer of AG-19 and some leaf and hay mulch under that). You've given me hope that not all is lost.

Who ever heard of single digits in zone 5 in November???
I hadn't figured on that, so I left without any extra layers.

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little_minnie(zone 4a)

It got to 5 this weekend and I haven't checked the hardy crops again. The ground is probably frozen and the remaining carrots are stuck. Last week I pulled some rutabagas that were without cover and had grown enough to pick. It has been so windy I haven't been able to move around some of the row cover to put triple layers on.

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