cold box 'lights' question

josko021December 26, 2010

I just read Coleman's book and wonder if and how his 'lights' are attached to cold boxes. I had assumed them to be hinged, but in the illustrations they are not, and there is no mention of how to prevent them from falling in when budged. Do they just rest on top? How do they keep from falling in?

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They're on hinges. I can't find my photos of the cold frame. If you go to, to photos then to 'our farm' you'll find a photo.

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Who is Coleman & what is the tile of his book?
We use a 11o volt outlet, with a gismo, that turns a 60 or 100 watt lamp on when the air reaches 40 degrees F. or lower.
Got it at Lowes, to keep the well pipes from freezing in 17F degrees winters.
I also got some 2 inch X 48inch X 98 inch Styrofoam sheet free. So am thinking of making a cold box for root crop storage & a cold frame for seedling in spring.

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