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xnrgx(8a to 9)November 19, 2010

Hi all,

Just joined the forum a month or so ago and am still very new to Fig collecting. Was just wondering if anyone had a few cuttings and or suggestions on what would probably grow well here in Tucson AZ. This is what I have so far, either already planted or cuttings being prepared to plant by this spring or on order. Let me know if you all think there is a good Fig I should add... I plan on putting a greenhouse up in spring, but don't have one up yet. Here is my list of new figs being grown so far.



Violette de Bordeaux

Mission Fig

Peters Honey


Paradiso White

Scotts Black

Plants coming...

White Marseilles (Is this also known as an Italian Honey)?

Fico Abruzzesi

Sal Corleone

Some of my thoughts on additions..

LSU Gold



Italian Honey

But I wanted some nice rarer figs growing. Would love more from Israel area, Italy, Greece.

A few more cuttings are coming I think but those above are either in the works or well planned. All are either just cuttings for now or very new trees. I wanted to get some less common figs growing, hope to get a few more from Middle east area and Mediterranean areas. Just want some suggestions and if anyone has some cuttings they think will do well and would like to get with me, please email me. I don't have mature plants yet, so I really can't trade cuttings but I could work something out.

Thanks to those that have already helped, you are all great. Actually the best thing about me starting this is getting to know some very wonderful people...

So to recap, let me know if some figs I am growing might not be so good in the desert of Tucson Arizona, and also let me know any suggestions on some I might like to add. All the rest will be in pots outside or in a greenhouse.

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I think that you can grow everything that you already listed.
Watering in the summer heat is your only problem that I can think of. LosLunas farms (member here) can best tell you that.

Check . Most members here belong there as well.

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