are my vegetables still edible?

dcleaver47(zone 10)December 18, 2003

hello everyone,

it snowed before i could make any arrangements to protect my vegetables. they were covered in snow for days, but still appear to be alive (the snow has melted). i have celery, carrots, leeks, parsley, and swiss chard. the celery looks terrible, but everything else looks basically ok.

do you think the vegetables are still edible, or should i just dig them up and throw them away?

thanks in advance.

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faithling(z4 VT)

Is the ground still un-frozen? If so, the quality of root vegetables should be excellent. And as long as the parsley and chard leaves are still green (and not black and slimy) they should be good to eat as well.

I don't grow celery but doubt it's as cold hardy as the others you mentioned. Often the stems of cold hardy vegies are the first to get ruined in extreme cold anyway.

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dcleaver47(zone 10)

thanks. i'll dig up and throw out the celery, and harvest what's left of the parsely to dry.

i guess i'll just take a wait-and-see approach to the chard.


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Don't throw out the celery...dig it up and bring it inside. If it goes bad, you will know, but better to find out this way then to throw away possibly good celery.


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tonitime(Z-6a / E.KY)

I potted up a few celery to bring in for the winter - times when you need a stalk or leaves for soups, etc. You could also dry chopped celery for use the same way - if it's economical for you to do it. I use our small convection oven set very low and it works like a charm. I made"envelopes" out of window screen that keep leaves and small bits from floating around inside the oven when the fan is on.

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