Best grafting technique for figs

briana_2006November 27, 2012

Hello All -

Does anyone have an opinion on the best technique to use to graft a fig tree - saddle graft, whip and tongue graft, cleft graft, veneer graft etc? Which type of graft gives the best chance for success?

My understanding is the best time to graft the scion wood is in spring before bud break.


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Brian you know more ways to graft than me I used tongue graft and budding graft both ways worked by luck. From my reading from a guy in Spain who says budding graft is the best way to graft figs. I have a fig tree which I was planning to graft because the tree is a failure to ripen its fruit in summer but the tree made me feel ashamed and surprised me with 15 breba figs of large size juicy and sweet. I stored my graft knife away.

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