Does anyone here have fragrant ORCHIDS? Wowa

meyermike_1micha(5)January 18, 2012

Yes, I am beginning abother addiction!

It all started with a chocolate smelling Orchid and went from there. I am now collecting fragrant orchids and can't seem to stop.

Have you ever smelled an Osmogosllum Pullchellum? If not, you have no idea what your misssiiinnng:-)

I will post pics as soon as I get a chance:0)


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Yes, Mike. Some are wonderful smelling. Not most, though. Sure wish phals were fragrant...

If you don't have a "Sharry Baby" you should get one--easy to grow and very sweet. Also, Miltassia Royal Robe "Jerry's Pick" is a fragrant one.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Mike, I haven't any idea about the orchids, but you should get in touch with Jane about your question. She has grown a lot of different kinds of orchids.

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Hi Mike,

Dendrobium anosmum (a species orchid) has a very strong fragrance like oriental lilies. Smells strong and so sweet like candy.

Dendrobium crumenatum, also fragrance, but flowers only open for one day.

And most cattleya hybrids are fragrant.

Good luck.

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musaboru(Inland Calif.)

'Ello Mike,
How does the Osmoglossum smell?

I bought a jewel orchid that was supposed to be fragrant according to the description by the vendor but the flowers turned out not to be non-fragrant. After researching, I found only some variants of Ludisia discolor carry a scent. Bummer.

Just ordered a Cym. Kusuda Shining and a cattleya from Kawamoto's. This Cymbidium is suppose to be fragrant as it has C. ensifolium in its ancestry but the best part is that it can bloom 3 times a year. Looking forward to to that.

Some fragrant Cym. grexes include:
Cym. Nut
Cym. Ms Taipei
Cym. Eastern ____ series (some have C. goeringii ancestry which according to Daxin is most prized in China for its fragrance)
and of course Cym. Golden Elf

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Hey Mike...Did you check out the nursery you were given on the other forum?
I did..and soon will order a few, new fragrant Orchids.


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to Elvis: I had a few Phals that were very fragrant, although they are not common. One of my favorite fragrant orchids is Neostylis (spelling?) Lou Sneary. I had a collection of about 250 fragrant orchids at one time with all types of different smells (some like rotting meat!), but the Lou Sneary was one of my favorites. Vanilla scent with almost honeysuckle undertones. Cool looking plant too. Like a miniature vanda that has really long, hanging roots. When I have more time, I will make a list of my favorite fragrant orchids. There are many!

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I have small collection of fragrant orchids. "Sharry Baby" sure is one of my favorite. AS Tylorweihe said, some orchids can smell like rotting meat. I agree. Some really smell disgusting! "Sharry Baby" fills the room with sweet, vanilla scent, make people want to smell more of it.

Also, many Cat. family members are fragrant as well.

I couple of years ago , I bought a orchids called " twinkles". It has very pleasant sweet aroma as well. They bloom in winter time here. Once it blooming, it not only fill the air with sweet scent, but also has a load of tiny flowers! It is very easy to take care as well. I bought a 3-4" pot size plant about 2 years ago . Last year, I divided it into 5 pots and give 4 pots away to my friends as gift when they are in bloom. My own plant has 5 more little baby right now so far. There might be more show up later. I might have to divide it again this fall or next year. A far as I know, there are two type of colors, one is light yellow "Twinkles" and another is chocolate pink " Twinkles". I bought the pink one this year to complete my collection and watching both color "Twinkles" grow.

If anyone can tell me how to post pictures here, I can post some picture of both orchids in bloom.

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