Happy New Year Guys (& Blooming in January!)

fenius(9)January 7, 2013

Ok, I have nothing new, so I give you my two new blooms that opened yesterday plus my cat melissa!! Share your new year blooms people!!

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Nice! Pin wheel flower. What's the actual name? Your cat must love it's fragrance.

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Nice! Pin wheel flower. What's the actual name? Your cat must love it's fragrance.

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Happy New Year, fenius!
Your cat's emerald eyes are amazing!
Glad to see your Tabernaemontana africana is still putting out its pinwheel flowers.
I'll post pics when I get some new blooms. :)


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yes, I omitted it's tabernaemontana africana tolip!I have already posted photos of its first blooms in blooming in december..

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What are you all doing to get them to flower like that?
Is it age? Heat? Fertilizer? Location?

Please help me guys.....

It's in my greenhouse and temps are kept between 55 to 62 by night, and 60's and 70's by day.

Mine is about 1 year old and is about 3 feet tall. It has not grown a new leaf since last October, sort of dormant, and now many of the leaves are developing yellow spots and then they just disaappear into holes....I don't get it.
The leaves were so dark green up until about a month ago.

Absolutely no bugs and I for the life of me wonder if it's normal?

Very discouaraging to say the least. If you need a pic, I will gladly provide when tomorrow.

Yours are just beautiful and I hope to someday see what it's like to have a flower like that. It's the only plant giving me something I do not want at the moment:-(

Thank you


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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Sorry to hear that, Mike! Sounds like it could be a fungal issue?
The Tabernaemontana holstii I grew from Logee's was very easy to grow and flower. I never had any issues (just didn't care for the scent).
What kind of potting mix is it in? What kind of light?


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It's in the 5.1.1. mix Robert and in the ebst light possible. It did great all last winter in the greenhouse and now this year not good.

I'll post a pic. It looks like a fungal issue but I have been spraying for weeks for that and all other plants are fine.

Look here for me tomorrow, ok? Thank you!

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I've got one that I think is a T holstii. First time I see an africana. Wonder what's the difference.

And I have been hoping it will fruit.

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Mike, I don't know what could be wrong with it, for me it's exactly the opposite, it is practically the only plant that takes care of itself, never got any pest, not even spider mites that thrive all around it..The only thing that might change smth is that I never moved it outside in the summer & my substrate, I kept it in the tiny for its size pot it came in for the first 8-9 months and I only transplanted it in a slightly bigger one around two months ago with coconut fiber,peat and perlite (I did it because it started needing watering everyday otherwise it didn't seem to mind the tiny pot,it kept growing ever larger leaves and dark green)
Tolip, I think I read some say they are the same plant, mine didn't fruit.. not surprisingly since flowers are too long and in my opininion need a specialised pollinator! Maybe I'll give it a try when I return from work..The fragrance for me is like a mix of stephanotis, lilium and clove, what about holstii??

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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

My daphne has been blooming since New year and it smells soooooooooooooo nice! I'll post a pic later this weekend.

Fenius, that looks pretty! I've always wanted a Tabernaemontana africana :). Robert sent me some cuttings last year but they didn't take.

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Hi kem! welcome back, I can try to root one for you too when it starts getting bigger, I also got a daphne odora aureosmth after you raved about it a while back, but mine is too small to bloom yet..

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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

Yay fenius! If you manage to get one to root please let me know. Thanks for the offer! : )

Okay here is a shot of my daphne. It has a spicy floral-lemony scent. Very strongly fragrant. Reminds me of a lemongrass+ginger perfume scent.

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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

Daphne flowers on last year's growth so there is a chance that yours may bloom this year. I started this tiny cutting last summer and it's also blooming right now:

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Hey Guys, and by the way HELLO Kemistry!

Where in the world do you get this plant!?
I have always wanted one. Is it suppose to grow outside?
Is it considered a houseplant?
Is it a perennial that I am suppose to bring inside because my temps get to cold?
Is it grown as a potted plant and allowed to go into dormancy?

Please, let me know where to get one. Thanks so much guys! Yours are so beautiful!

What is the exact name of that Dafne?


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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

Mike, here, Winter Daphnes are available locally. I read somewhere that it's hardy to zone 7?? At your place you will probably have to grow it in container. I thought you already grew it in the past??

Here is a link from FF

If you do a google search, I'm sure you will see more vendors out there. :)

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Ran across some tips for growing Daphne odora indoors and snapped some crappy cell pics.
Hopefully you'll be able to read everything. :)


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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Daphne notes continued.

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Hello Kemistry and Robert!

First off, thank you Robert for that info! I had no idea you could grow Daphne in pots!
I was wondering what species it was since there are several?
I have growm Odora, something like that but in the ground. It died.
I always thought they were a perennial shrub because they do sell the locally, but I have never seen them grown indoors.

Kemistry, the fact that yours is in a pot is throwing me off a bit. I did not know I could grow them in a pot.
I have never thought to try that.
What happens when you have to repot it?
Do you let it drop all leaves and go dormant?
I thouht they had to go dormant like my other perennial shrubs.

I had no idea they could be grown as a houseplant.

Very interesting...Thank you


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Everyone!

Just wanted to say Happy New Year to you all !!

Thank you Fenius for this beautiful thread and especially to those who have posted these gorgeous pictures!!

what a great feeling to look at these beauties and think of the fragrance they must have.... 'Mmmmm, Wish I could smell them!!!

Take care,


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Hey Laura! get the pictures rolling for the new year!!
Robert, thanks for the daphne info, what book is it by the way?
Kemistry, it's odora I assume? Mine is odora aureomarginata, couldn't find the non variegated one anywhere, as I'm not fond of variegated plants..But for the scent's sake..!

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)


It's from a little book I've been reading a lot of lately -
The Essence of Paradise: Fragrant Plants for Indoor Gardens by Tovah Martin (who used to work at Logee's).
Got a used copy off Amazon for super cheap (where I get most of my fragrant plant books).
She has info on lots of fragrant orchids and describes what she thinks they smell like (I believe that's the September or October chapter). I've read most chapters except for August...she writes about stinky flowers. Ain't nobody got time for that. Laugh.


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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

Fenius, yup it's an odora. I don't like variegated plants either but a variegated daphne in my opinion does look pretty.

I've sniffed Daphne bholua which has a nice scent but the fragrance isn't as awesome as the odora's.

Hey Mike! : ) This is my second year growing the daphne and it's growing quite slow so i haven't switched its soil yet. I will do that in the Summer. I hear that it's a bit fussy when it comes to root work. Oh well, I figure I can buy a new one if it doesn't live. Lol. The scent is so nice so it is worth growing and replacing imo.

Lol. Robert. I'm interested in hearing about the stinky flowers. Lol.

Hi Laura! :)

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Hi, everyone:

My Osmanthus Fragrans 'Fudingzhu' is sending out another round of flowers. And I can see a lot of buddings are developing, am very pleased for the great performance for such a small plant.

Hmm, never heard about Tabernaemontana africana. And I only have not been here for 2 weeks, 'Daphne odora' is the one everybody looking for now? Just can not keep up with you guys/gals. :)

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Hi! Well done for no brown leaf tips on osmanthus!! I keep it outside and noticed it sent out new leaves, hopefully they will stay green...Mine must be the only osmanthus not blooming now :-(

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Ok, I have one more but I'm not responsible for it, I got it blooming!Kemistry, the scent has improved some today, you were right!Cymbidium goeringii longibracteatum

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here's what's been smelling so nice in my apartment this week. that Pink one started white ... about 4 days later - it got that pretty pink shade, just as the other two opened. I know it's on the way out... but, it's still really quite a pretty color.

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Laura..Same to you too:-).

I am hoping that you and your family are doing ok and that little gem of yours, your grandchild that is and then all those fragrant plants you have!

Robert..Umm, I wouldn't have time for teh stinky part too.lol

Kemistry...Please, I have one now, a variegated one.

I really need to know. Do you let it go Dormant, exposed to cold temps and then bring it back into warmer temps in the spring?
Around here, the Daphne is considered a perennial up to zone 5 and I always thought it needed to rest as all the other perennials. I think they flower once they wake up, no?
Do you let yours grow all year long?
Thanks pal!

Fenius!!! Absolutely beautiful! How's the fragrance now?
I have bought 3 of them lately and I am hoping to see many at the orchid show.
They sell them on E-bay for over 50 bucks! I know they are expensive, especially the ones from Asia.
I love it! I hope mine bloom like that.

Rosey..How long do the flowers last? I thinks it looks very nice.
My sister brough me over 2 huge ones that I had to cut way back until they can be put outside again. They are just getting new growth.
I have one in the kitchen window and one in the bathroom window. The temps in these room only stay in teh 60's so growth is minimal.
Both are 3 feet high though! I can only imagine when they start to grow flowers. Yum!

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Nice jasmine rosey, I have three sambacs but not maid of orleans!I love the flowers when they turn purple..
Mike, the fragrance is excellent outside, not sure why, maybe the cold and/or sun??
Anyway this is cymbidium goeringii the simple.. it bloomed today, not very different from longibracteata actually but I needed them all!

oh and I have the stinkiest flower list for kemistry:
Titan arum (Amorphophallus titanum)
Dead horse arum lily (Helicodiceros muscivorus)
Dragon lily (Dracunculus vulgaris)
Wild arum (Arum maculatus)
Voodoo lily (Sauromatum guttatum)
Eastern Skunk Cabbage (Symplocarpus foetidus)
Western Skunk Cabbage (Lysichiton americanus)
Hydnora africana
Rafflesia sp.
Carrion flower (Stapelia sp.)
Bushman's Hat (Hoodia gordonii)

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the flowers didn't last long enough... I got home last night and the purple one had withered down to nothing, and the 2 white ones had already started turning pink...

as of this morning, maybe because I cranked the heat with the "COLD" outside ... and wanting to warm up when I got in, in a very urgent way...

those 2 other blossoms dropped off.

(so sad)

the only thing that's blooming in my apartment right now - is the new orchid (scentless) and my seedless geranium. (WHICH IS DOING REALLY WELL! - as one bloom dies, the next one replaces it. and, I could see about 6 stems where new ones will be up, and soon when I was pulling some dead leaves off of it this morning.

Still - kinda' sad - all those plants and so little scent.

I may need to put my lavender plant closer to the couch so that I have something to sniff when I snuggle with the cats.

Mike, it's not the size of the plant, it's the light that will bring the flowers.

My friend has the same plant - because I gave her half of mine - and she keeps it in a indirect light spot in her home. It's thriving - but no flowers.

but who am I to talk... one of my other jasmines didn't survive the change of seasons. it lost all its leaves and while I keep hoping that something will grow back (being in a south window n all) - and I water it... not a sign of life.

My night jasmine has come back to life though! - despite all the leaves falling off from mites. - the leaves are back and growing. I still need to buy some insecticides though - because I know those mites will return. (bah- humbug) - now that one actually makes sense. :)

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Those DANG MITES! I hate them.

It's seems to be a constant battle to fight them off this year! Where the heck do they come from anyways when the plants you bring in from outside are very clean for weeks!?

Now, I have to get a Sambac come the spring Fenius. Robert even said they smell mightedly nice. Where do you suggest I get a nice sized plant buddy!?

Rosey..I hear you about the heat. It seems that the minute this very DRY weather comes and the heat is on, even the skin on my legs becomes like prunes!

Fenius..A HUGE question????

How in the world are you getting your orchids to flower like that? I recieved 3 Cymbidiums over 2 months ago and nothing!
Where did you get yours and were they already in bud? They are so pretty and do they smell as good as they say?

Rosey, I had to take a second look at your flowers.
Does that plant get hit by mites too?
Is it a spider mite magnet?

Thanks everyone!

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ok, first of all,sambacs do get mites .. I got two of them from dhan on ebay (mysore mulli and mali pikul) and my third from a local nursery which turned out to be arabian nights,now there are only 5 more to go!! the small ones from dhan flowered too last summer!
About the cymbidiums, I got them on ebay as well, from new-china or smth, I got almost all their fragrant ones around x-mas and now I see two new ensifoliums that I need but I'm going to restrain myself.. The others don't have buds, it must be the season for the goeringiis only.. The fragrance was strange on the first day, like a ripe fruit almost, but then it improved, then it kind of disappeared, but today I took it outside to take photos and I don't know if it was the cold the humidity or the sun but it gave off the most wonderful scent, nothing like you would expect from a flower, more like a perfume! It's a pity that I can't detect it inside, I thought their scent was supposed to be rather intense in closed spaces..I'll go ask around in the orchid forum what's up with that..

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

We walked into the house around 10pm after having dinner over at some friend's house and was very happy to detect a familiar scent in the dead of winter. Cestrum nocturnum in the kitchen! I know I shouldn't allow cuttings to bloom but I've noticed the bloom developing for days now and couldn't resist and I'm glad I didn't. 5 open blooms and even my partner knew what they were after I stuck them under his nose. :)


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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Oh, almost forgot. I've been reading a dangerous book - Fragrant Orchids by Steven A. Frowine (fenius, I think you'd totally dig it...not that you need anymore orchids). ;)
There's scent descriptions along with intensity of scent (light, strong, very strong), when they bloom, ease of culture, etc.
Apparently there's some real stinkers in the bulbophyllum genus. My fav description is of B. beccarii which is said to smell like 100 dead elephants rotting in the sun. Yuck!


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Robert, I'm envying your odorous gift. :) If the mites will give me any relief - I'm hoping my night jasmine will bloom again... I'm happy to see the leaves. She's being kept in the warmest and sunniest room in the apartment.

Mites... where isn't there mites? Actually my MOO doesn't seem to have them, this season, though she's sparse of leaves because my Isabelle 'cat' loves to eat them.

The mites had taken over the night jasmine, and they love my honey-suckle. I'm constantly checking to see if they've returned to my Tahitian Gardenia - but haven't found any more sticky leaves in a while. Maybe my bedroom is to cold for them??? is 60s to cold?

the honeysuckle room temps are between 60-75 - depending whether I'm home or not. Last night, I couldn't seem to warm up - and, I cranked up the heat. No, I'm sure it's not good for the plants - but, I felt like the traveling between work/home had allowed the cold to settle into my bones and I couldn't seem to warm them.

I've been drinking a LOT of tea, and because I still have the cough from christmas - I was recommended to drink hot gingerale with ginger - and, that seems to help with the cough (at least until I go out in the cold - and then! the cold isn't good for my lungs)... I sure hope this cold spell goes away and quick. I just don't like it.

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get well soon rosey!!I checked out your other site wet canvas for botanical painting..
robert, cool cutting!! actually I never thought of having a night jasmine, maybe because it's more common than basil here, it's in every balcony, shop and restaurant in the summer...it reminds me of my aunt's balcony when I used to go and play cards w/ her!
Cool bulbophyllum scent description, the guys in my greek forum say they grow some b. that smells like fish instead!

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thanks, fenius... I'm not sick, really! It's just a residual cough.

and, I don't want any plants smelling like fish. what a strange thought that they could smell like that... were they planted using fish fertilizer?

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)


Yes. It was a special treat. Looking forward to sniffing them again tonight! I also battle the damn spider mites. :(

As for the stinky fish flower that fenius brought up...there are some flowers that smell like carrion (dead stuff) to attract flies or beetles or what not to pollinate them. We're just used to the sweet smelling flowers that attract bees and butterflies and what not. :)

I once received a Voodoo lily like fenius mentioned and it was a really cool looking plant until it flowered. Dear god did it ever smell awful! I snipped that flower off in a hurry. ;)


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it's interesting how plants have developed ways to protect themselves similar to how animals or bugs do.

I know where I can get loads of skunk cabbage - but why would I want em? :)

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Lots of reasons Rosey! for instance, a friend dug up a bunch of dragon lilies to plant by her fence next to her annoying neighbour!! I can think of many more...

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Well, they re beautiful... And if the fence is a good distance away... Why not? One can admire those from a distance at least... Skunk cabbage don't have a bloom that I've noticed.

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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

Hello everyone!!

Okay my brunfelsia gigantea has been blooming on and off since last Fall. It has 2 flowers on it right now. Love the fresh, sweet, perfumey scent at night! This plant is so easy to grow! : )

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That darn cough! I hope you have had yourself checked out and made sure your lungs are clean..
As for mites..Well I believe they are in our hair too upon close eaxmination..lol They are every where is right,just lying, waiting to pounce upon our fresh juicy looking plants like ticks hanging on a tree to snatch the first warm creature that sets foot anywhere closer than 20 feet of distance to them!
Would be nice if RIAD did the rick, but no, we have to use all kinds of concoctions or simply put, Neen to stop the invaders.

Kemistry, I know what you mean. How sweet they smell. I just had my last flower fall off:-(
Hey, I have a question for you or for anyone with this plant..

Do you ever get notching, curling, or bumpy leaves on these plants with no cause from bugs? Maybe let's say, improper watering? My new leaves always look strange. I shall have to take a pic to see if anyone else has this problem.

Robert..A Voodo lily? I never heard of that one before.
I have heard of a 'GHOST' orchid which I would love to try.:-)

Hello Fenius:-)

Rosey, get better and be healthy. You have two weeks!:-))))


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as promised, my orchid.

Ok, I have to share this... so I had to look up 'dragon lily'... because Id never heard of them - and low and behold - all that came up was mention of a p@rn star by that nickname. Knowing that Fenius' friend didn't bury a whole bunch of her tapes along the fence - I made sure that my search referenced "PLANT".

(thought you all could use a giggle)

My mandavilla is long and leggy, and when I water her, leaves fall off - but despite all this ... she's starting to flower again. Her vine is over 4 feet tall and pressing up against to top of the window. I'm considering that I should trim her down only because she's only one long vine, and I wish she'd fill out.

Mikey, I swear I'm not sick. I suck on hard candy all day long, and it keeps most of the coughing to a minimum. Milk products and coffee seems to make me cough again though. It seems to be more throat related than lungs.
- - - - and I'm not sick. - - - -

just clarifying, that's all.

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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

Hey Mike. Yah sometimes the new leaves on mine do get the curling problem but i suspect it could be from the cold weather? But what do I know. Lol. I ignore it as it doesn't seem to cause any damage to the plant.

Robert you had a Voodo lily??? That's funny. I read about its stinky scent the other day. Not that I would grow one. Lol.

Yay Fenius! I'm glad to hear that your Cym. goeringii has a nice scent. I want to retry the cym. ensifolium this year. I'm interested in orchid now --and I blame Robert for sending me all the names of the must-have orchids from his book. Lol--

Mike.. about daphne odora.. Judging from my plant I've found that after it is done blooming it'll start growing --branching, then leaves, then buds---This ends around early summer. Then it does nothing for the rest of the year. Around Decemember the buds start to mature and it blooms in Jan. Mine stays evergreen because I keep it indoors. But the plants that are growing outdoors around here will lose their leaves during the winter.

Roseyd- nice sambac! But yah the floewrs of Maid of Orleans only last 1 day. My Maid kept getting powdery mildew so I threw her out. You should look into getting a Belle of India. Belle's flowers stay on the plant longer.

Speaking of stinky plants.. the common curry plant (Helichrysum angustifolium) really stinks in my opinion. Yuck.

Oh, recently I started some lemon eucalyptus and the tiny seedlings give off a nice lemony scent already. Here is a pic:

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The Montana tab... Clippings I got from mrao ... They're growing! The other two... I keep watering but no signs of life, still twigs.

Still made the heart feel good to see those little stems growing out the side of the Montana leaves.

I'm still waiting to see what will come of my Jasmine polyanthum plant. It still so delicate and tiny... Although it has the best spot in the house ... A southern window sill.

I'm hoping that the moo will give me more buds... Those 3 can't be all... What a tease! I want more!

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Brassavola Nodosa: fragrant at night.

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B. Nodosa Flower

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B. Nodosa: Just beginning to open

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Gorgeous, Greengirl!

Wish my B. Nodosa was currently blooming (it bloomed in the fall).
I hope you're sniffing it at night. ;)



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Thanks Robert!

...and you bet I am! I really enjoy reading the post here and "stealing" ideas for new plants. What an adventure!


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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Ha! You made me laugh. This forum is full of enablers. ;)
I love it when people share their favorite fragrant plants.
I've gotten tons of plants that way! :)

Oh, your B. nodosa looks a little different from mine. Are you sure it's the species and not a hybrid like 'Little Stars'?
Just curious.


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Hi Robert,
Really not sure...you could be correct. This one did not have it's label and I have several. Sorry.

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

No worries. I love to see blooms in the winter.
Please keep them coming! :)

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Fenius...Can I see a picture of your Samoen Gardenia in the picture you posted next to your cat?
I mean, just teh whole plant by itself so I can get an idea of what mine should look like:-)
From this angle, it's beautiful.

Greengirl.Wow, what a beautiful flower. Do they really have a nice strong fragrance at night?
I bought one fron Puerto Rico a few weeks ago and didn't smell a thing. I think it's because the cold got to it in the mail and cause it to die off rather quickly. I was so bummed out!
What do you have yours planted in? It seems to love that mix.

Robert, can I enable you to get a Cammelia? You should see mine. I will take a picture of it tomorrow.
It smells like a funeral home to my Mom, but I beg to differ.lol

Oh Rosey! That orchid is spectacular! I love the colors. Now, all you have to do is add another to give your orchid a partner:-)

Kemistry... Thank you so much for your help. I really hope mine does well. It's in a sunny window and for 6 bucks, I have to say it's very tiny.
It looks like a cutting actually in a little 4 inch pot, sheesh!

Lemon eucalyptus? Here we go again. A must have, and where did you get the seeds? lol

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thanks for the photos guys, the list streches!!
I have a tiny b. nodosa David Sanders I hope it makes it, I find it difficult too Mike..and here is my whole samoan gardenia
(I hope to root you a cutting when it gets warm!)

ok so I'm off to start the february thread!!

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Fenius! That is a beautiful plant! How in the world did you get it to flower?
I've had mine going on two years and it's in the greenhouse. You would think it there it would do great, but no. I don't understand this plant at all.

Great job !


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