My fuschia made berries. Now what?

maryliz(5b/SE lower MI)January 31, 2006

Hubby picked up a fuschia branch that fell to the ground at the local farner's market. I stuck it in soil and it grew and now I have four or five plants. They have been flowering, even indoors in Michigan during the winter. (We have nice, big windows.) I thought the onagraceae had only capsules for fruit. Shows how much I have forgotten from systematic botany in college.

I decided to let some berries ripen. They are the size of small olives, and a very dark fuschia color, almost black. They looked moist and delicious, then they fell off. I read the thread about eating them. But maybe I'd like to offer them to someone else. Are the seeds best sown fresh and moist, or dried first?

The flowers look like this:

It must be a pretty common type. I have seen it before. Is it a species or hybrid? Can anyone give me the botanical name?


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maryliz(5b/SE lower MI)

I went and worked on a quilt for a while. Then I got curious to see if I had any answers. Nope. I found another page with info:

I got brave and tasted the fruit. Not bad. I think they'd be a perfect garnish for a fancy dessert, since they look like cute little mini cherries, including stem.

The page above mentioned that the seeds look like "the inside of a fig." But figs have bigger seeds than this. If these are seeds, they're tiny. I wonder if they're germinable. The page said to sow them right away, so I will try that, and see if anything happens.

I think the variety I have is "Blue Lagoon."

Any advice?

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