Is it too late to prune and make dormant?

housewren(z6 MI)January 16, 2007

I have a fuschia Gartenmeister Bonstadt which got pruned late last year and didn't start blooming until November, about the time I brought it inside. It is still blooming, but I am wondering if I should try to cause it to go dormant now by letting it dry out and then pruning, or is it too late for a dormancy period if I want to get it going at the proper time in the spring. Should I prune it now and put in a "cold" spot? How far back should I prune it? When should I encourage spring growth.

I have read a lot on this site about fuschia care and overwintering in dormancy, but I am not sure if this would apply now, in mid-winter.


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tightathome(Yorks - UK)


I would suggest that it is too late to get your plant to go dormant, however for exhibition purposes we often grow plants in a semi-dormant state just ticking over in green leaf until the weather or the conditions that we have are suitable to start the new growinng season.

I would suggest that you reduce the watering for a couple of weeks to slow down the sap rising in the stems then cut the plant back to whatever size you want, bearing in mind that the other cultural details will need to be carried out i.e. cauterising the stems to prevent die-back (I use a PVA glue just dabbed on the tips that have been pruned).

The plant will need to be re-potted at some time into new compost (what you would call soil) and also into a smaller size pot if possible to rejuvenate the plant.

It will start back into growth almost immediately and you will have a head start on most other growers and a couple more Âstops hence more blooms.

Hope this helps


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housewren(z6 MI)

Thanks, Tight,

That helps a lot. I have a 45-50 degree F. area available, with some light. Would it be good to put it there for a few weeks after pruning
? Also, is PVA glue the regular white glue?


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tightathome(Yorks - UK)


Where you have to keep your plant sounds fine, just remember that you need to 'turn' the plant at least half a turn every day to ensure that each side gets equal light.

The PVA glue is just standard glue, just a drop on each pruning cut to seal the ends and stop the sap from 'bleeding' out and being attacked by fungus.

I hope this helps.


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