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unbiddenn(5)January 15, 2014

Lookie!! The fushia I brought indoors for the winter has four stems with cluster of buds on them. I thought the plant would die, but couldn't bare to let it freeze.

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Congrats! Looks like a type similar to what I overwinter indoors -I've saved my Gartenmeister for 4 winters now. Thank goodness I do because I don't typically see it offered for sale in my area anymore, the variety Koralle seems to be more popular.

I have to check mine for aphids, which do not seem to be a problem for this plant, but somehow those rotten bugs have snuck into my home. So keep a lookout.

I've just potted up 2 cuttings from my mother plant (that is growing happily under lights) so I can share and/or have a better show this summer. I'm planning to pair mine with plecthranthus nico, any idea what you will grow yours with?

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The fushia grows with ivy, that is nearly touching the ground. It has bloomed continously for these long winter months. My only concern is ... I thought the flowers were a dark salmon red when it was outside last summer and they have been everything from pale peach to soft coral inside. Can lower light affect flower color?

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Absolutely. The lower light produces a paler shade, but once it goes back outside the newly produced blooms will be the deeper color. I've read when repotting to go outside that the plant should be set deeper in the pot - this is supposed to encourage branching from the barer areas of the stems, must say, your ivy looks nice in there too!

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