anyone use comfrey as a fertilizer?

joewormMarch 25, 2012

comfrey tea I have read is suppose to be an excellent fertilizer. has anyone grown comfrey and used the tea as a fertilizer?

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I have 6 comfrey plants in the garden. Haven't had time to make tea with it yet (on my ToDo list) but I have used comfrey leaves as green mulch under plants like roses. Maybe I'm imagining it but the plants I've done this with really seem to bloom more.

I'm pro-comfrey, really neat plant that needs very little care but is very attractive green (looks like a foxglove relative). Someone visited my garden and comfrey is the plant he wanted after looking at everything, so I gave him one.

I have the Bocking 14 comfrey that is non-invasive.


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I've read that they were very invasive. Did not know there was a non invasive variety. Also, I read some time ago that there is a particular variety of comfrey, best started from a root cutting, that is best for fertilizer tea use. Is that the blocking 14? I'd have to research that again.

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Yes Comfrey Bocking 14 variety is non-invasive. But I don't know how invasive the 'officianale' common variety would really be in Florida. Nothing really invades in my garden unless I water it except for vines like passionflower.

Here's the place I ordered from last year. More plants in a minimum order than I wanted or needed but maybe you could go halvsies with someone. I got the crown cuttings because he said the root cuttings would take much longer to become plants.

Some of the crown cuttings had green tops on arrival and some didn't but every single one lived, causing me to wonder where I would find room for them all because he sends extras. Super nice seller who called afterward to make sure they arrived alive (who does that these days?).

I'm donating some extras I kept in pots to a local community garden who is creating an 'herbal' demonstration garden.

Comfrey would be great for anyone with chickens since I hear they LOVE it.

What city are you in?


Here is a link that might be useful: Where I ordered comfrey

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Denise, here is a link that gives the information I had read a while back. I'll have to get some and try it now that I have some plants. I'm near Gainesville.

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Going to be ordering this soon. Thank you, Denise.

Joe, Did you order already?

Veronica in Thonotosassa

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better late than never!!

i haven't ordered any, anyone interested in a trade? i have fig trees that i'd trade for comfrey.

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Dear friends:We are specialist in Comfrey (and Moringa Oleifera too) and every Comfrey are invasive, everyone,in special here in Florida.
The comfrey tea is amazing and very easy to make.In a 5 gallon bucket put 18 to 20 leaves where this ones have between 12 inches(in large) and more and hold in the bottom with some weight (a rock) and fill the bucket with water,cover and let rest for about 4 to 5 weeks and after this period of time,for each gallon of comfrey tea,you must add 8 gallon of water and is ready for use around the plants or spry.NOTE:Remember the potatoes,sweet potatoes and the corn don`t like this tea and the same happen with the red ants and snails.

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