Chinese Sacred Lily lunch break score!

Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)January 7, 2013

I normally don't score any great fragrant finds on my lunch break (especially in winter!) however I decided to go to a local nursery just for the heck of it after Home Depot's lackluster plant selection let me down. Boy was I happy I went! They had bags of Chinese Sacred Lily (Narcissus tazetta v. orientalis, a type of paperwhite that's great for forcing) for $2.77 a bag (25% off). Woo hoo!
They're supposed to have a lovely citrus perfume, spiced orange like scent with no heavy musky scents like normal paperwhites. I know Kemistry likes the scent.
When I get home I'll pot them up and put them in a sunny window. They'll help me get through the dark, cold days of winter. :)


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cool robert! I don't like narcissus flowers, smth about their shape but I love their fragrance (even paperwhites in a car w/ closed windows!)
I just ordered some new south african bulbs, my last batch is pretty much still just salad leaves and two (boophone & hesperantha) haven't grown anything.. I also ordered four hoyas, can you guys tell me anything about their scent??
H. phi phi island
H. obscura
H. nicholsoniae
H. australis lisa

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Now, I can't seem to like the regular paper whites and no one in my household can either.

To me they smell like urine..oh


But Robert, I must say that is a great deal and I hope it smells like you describe! If so, than I just might try a few of these. Nice

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Mike, they have Kemistry's seal of approval! ;)


I know H. obscura is supposed to have a spiced orange, lovely perfume scent so I think you scored with that one.
Don't know the others but H. australis will probably smell like vanilla/'ll just have to let us know when yours bloom! :)


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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

Hey Robert!! Hey Mike, fenius and everyone! Lol. I feel like I've been hibernating through the cold, gloomy weather.

Yes, this cultivar of paperwhite smells freshly sweet n' perfumey. Robert, if you force those bulbs now they will bloom in a month I think. :)

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Yay for sweet smelling flowers and yay that Kemistry is back! :)


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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

I noticed flower buds last night! Woo hoo!
These suckers have been pumping out roots like mad. So much so that the potting mix is being pushed out of the pot and is making a mess. Next time I grow these I'll plant them deeper in the pot. ;)
Can't wait for them to bloom.
I'll update everyone when it happens and try to describe the scent. So much easier just to say if you like it or not. :)


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