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constyMarch 21, 2005

Can you do this with any fuchia. I've got Bush fuchias. Is it possible to train a fuchia that is already a couple of years old into a standard? Thanks

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tightathome(Yorks - UK)


Most fuchsias can be trained into a standard form, however some are more suited to it than others. For instance a trailing variety will made a nice weeping standard and some of the smaller short jointed types will make nice mini or table standards, whereas a strong upright growing variety will obviously make a good half or full standard within a couple of seasons.

There are details of how to grow standards in the FAQÂs to this forum and I have included a link to my book site should you wish to have a look at this.

With regards to whether you can make a standard from an old plant the answer would lie in the type of growth that the plant has, if it has a strong leader (a shoot growing pretty much straight and stronger that the others), then you could prune everything else back hard and just let this grow unchecked and this would form your stem. It is much easier though with a cutting (start) which if taken or bought at this time of year will grow quickly and you could even have a standard ready for next year.

Hope this helps, let the forum know how you get on.


Here is a link that might be useful: A Beginners Guide

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Thank you - for one reason or another have only just seen your reply. have read the link - very good. thanks.

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