My new fuchsia

cnslr81March 19, 2005

I bought a new fuchsia at the Philadelphia flower show. It is still small, but hopefully it will begin to bloom soon. :)


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fuchsiabonsailady(z8 UK)

Yes indeed Sarah, that's a nice fuchsia, large red/purple flowers. - Kath :)

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tightathome(Yorks - UK)

Hi Sarah

Your new fuchsia looks nice and healthy, just a couple of tips for you;

The centre of the plant wants as much air and light as possible to help prevent any pests or diseases lurking so I suggest that you remove the large label and replace with a smaller one (a good idea is to make 2 smaller labels and slip the plant out of the pot place one of the labels in the bottom of the pot and replace the plant - that way if the label from the top of the pot becomes 'lost' you will still know what the variety is) -the other label is put into the side of the pot as normal.

Secondly this variety has rather large blooms and will trail somewhat, if you want to keep the stems growing upright again my suggestion is that you insert some small canes and loosely tie the stems to these. Youl could of course have this as a trailer and stand it on an inverted pot for some height.

Thirdly, the pot looks a little on the small side, keep checking the roots and when they start to go around the base of the rootball then is the time to repot.

Hope that helps and you enjoy your plant.


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Thanks for the tips, Tight. I never grew such a small fuchsia. All my previous fuchsias, were larger.


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