Hardy Fuschia: signs of life?

KarB(Pacific NW (8))March 1, 2004


I planted a hardy fuschia "riccartoni" last fall. It's planted in a shady area near a fence, protected from winds. I mulched it well, didn't prune it and just left it over the winter. We did have a few nights of cold temps in Jan and I'm hoping the fuschia is OK. Our weather has been warm lately but I haven't seen any growth on the plant yet...when I should expect to see it growing again? I'm in coastal BC (zone 8). Will it start to regrow from old wood or will it sprout new growth from the rootstock?


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fuchsiabonsailady(z8 UK)

Hi Kar,
It will do both, sprouting from below the soil and old wood. This happens (according to weather conditions)around April/May. To encourage strong growth through the summer months, cut back the old wood when you see new growth appearing at soil level - Kath:)

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Judeth(Z8 B.C. Can)

I live on the Pacific Coast Zone 8, and my Hardy Fuschia's I didn't think survived this winter. I see that both plants have some new growth coming up from the base. All last years stems are dead. Lets hope nothing eats this new growth.

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I had my fuschia in a container and brought it inside during that cold spell in Jan. It has new growth all over.

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