I Love Fuchia's

josie_2(Maine)March 3, 2006

As a girl in Ireland we had huge fuschia bushes,my Father said the fairies made their dresses from them.I yearn to have some here too.Do you think I could grow them in Maine zone 5 and not loose them in the winter?.Any hints or tips for me?.Thanks Josie

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You can grow them in pots and place them in a frostfree place during the winter.

You can also try some of these varieties:

Fuchsia magellanica alba
Fuchsia magellanica gracilis
Fuchsia magellanica riccartonii

These survives the winters in the stockholm area (I think it´s around am. zone 5) but you have to plant them deep 10-15cm under the surface in a well drained place. They do not grow so large in my garden.

You can also try other magellanica varieties they seem to be quite hardy.

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Forgot to write that hardy fuchsias has to be planted in spring-early summer so that they are well established when the winter comes

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Found this entry at the swedish fuchsiasociety yhat might be of interest.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hardy fuchsias

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