December Free Cuttings

budbackeast(FLORIDA)December 25, 2012

Several months ago, I offered free cuttings to any who asked. The list includes Shana, Hadi, Fred, Vincenzo, Doug, Tina and Sharon this season. Well, winter sure took its time getting here, but the trees are as dormant as they're gonna get, so here we go...

Last time I mailed out cuttings, most of them failed, having gotten mold growth. I just read a link saying to wrap them in cling wrap without wetting, so that is what I'm doing. I suggest that those who get them should toss them into the fridge until springtime.

There are two varieties in each shipment. Hope they do well.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a good fig tree.

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What works for me with mold is wash the cutting with a 10% bleach solution. So that's 1 measure of bleach with 9 measures of water. I let it dry off without rinsing.

I think using sphagnum moss as a rooting medium can also inhibit some mold. Not perfect, I have also heard of moldy sphagnum

I've rooted in seed-starting medium which is peatmoss and vermiculite. That seems to stay free of mold.

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Hi eukofios,

I used to send cuttings damp in paper towels inside ziplock bags, but they usually failed the receivers. I read a recent thread about folks sending them dry, so this time I tried that. I have heard about the bleach idea, but I'm as chemical-free as possible. If the forum ever comees up with a fool-proof technique, I'll go with the group.

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The dry method should work. I've started a number of fig trees from cuttings sent dry in the mail, in plastic bag. Some times I've bleached, and some times not. I had not heard about sending them damp.
Happy Growing!

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