container fuchsia with bulbs?

macfairman(10 N. CA)March 17, 2007

I live in N. Ca and don't expect much winter dormancy so the plant is in a pot in the front of the house. I'm fine with the plant having some time not blooming, but I wanted to extend the season somehow. It's a bush type, I think, called Galaxy Red & White.

I was hoping the fuchsia would be compatible with some bulbs. Any suggestions? I'm going to plant some native annuals in the pot too, to fill it in.


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Hmmm...I'm having a hard time deciding what might look good with Fuchsias, so bear with me as I just start throwing out the names of bulbs that bloom winter and early spring...

Tropaeolum tricolor? Native to Fuchsia territory too. It will bloom in spring before the Fuchsia does and then go dormant for the summer.
Veltheimia bracteata?

Cyclamen, but these are low-growing things that will need to stay on the edges of the pot. C. purpurescens blooms late summer but all the rest that I am aware of bloom autumn through spring.

Crocus are pretty good at disappearing off-season. I am partial to C. chrysanthus, C. tomassinianus, the beautiful fall-blooming C. pulchellus, and the fall-blooming C. cartwrightianus, the wild ancestor of Saffron (you can even harvest the saffron, tho the threads are quite small).

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