Transplanting Large Fuchsia

thundermasmachoMarch 24, 2014

I posted this as a continuation of an older thread, but I'm hoping to get some more eyes on it by posting it here.

In my back yard I have a MASSIVE fuchsia plant. While I'm not sure of the variety, after a little Googling it appears to be some form of an Upright Hardy. Here is some more info about the plant which may help:
1. When it is fully in-bloom it stand about 4 feet tall.
2. It spreads-out to about a 4 foot diameter of foliage.
3. Though it mostly stands "upright" some of the stems have grown down over a stairwell and hang nicely.
4. In-addition to the familiar tiny "hairy" type roots, some of the other roots I've found thus-far are surprisingly large ; some up to 2 inches in diameter, and several feet long.
5. The blooms are pink on the outside, purple in the middle, with pink and white pistils protruding out the center.

It is my goal to transplant some or all of this plant into numerous hanging baskets.

I started excavating the plant today, and I've been very careful not to damage any roots. However, I can already see that many of the roots are several feet long and up to a couple inches in diameter; much too large to transplant into hanging baskets.

Am I okay to cut away some of the deeper/larger roots, split the plant up, and move it into hanging baskets? The upper bulk of the plant just under the soil has a fairly large amount of smaller "hairy" roots, so I feel like if I cut cleanly well-below those smaller roots, the flower should be okay.

Does that sound right?

Also, if I rebury those larger roots chunks, will they eventually grow-out and bloom again?

Lastly, how wet should I keep the soil in the transplant pots: soaking/damp/dry?

Thank you very much!

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why don't you leave the plant in that location take cuttings now they will be ready for baskets by June not sure if a upright would work in a basket you would have to put weight on the branches to make them drop down

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