fuschia in hanging baskets

farmer_mike(5)March 12, 2004

Was wondering if anyone plants fuschia in a 10" hanging basket.If so how many do you put in there? Have some small seedlings grown from seed ordered at swallowtail seed co. Have taken a long time to germinate and grow to a small size. Saw a neighbor with a hanging basket of fuschia last summer and it looked fantastic.Also does anyone sell hanging baskets of fuschia and if so what should I charge if they look decent. Thanx for any info, Mike

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fuchsiabonsailady(z8 UK)

Hi Mike,
When the seedlings are big enough, plant them into 2 inch size pots, later plant them into 3 inch size pots. When the plants have 2 or 3 pairs of leaves on each stem, pinch out the growing tips, this will encourage then to 'bush' out instead of one straight stem. Do this at least twice.

When the roots can be seen coming out of the bottom of these pots, then you can put five plants into your basket.

Always keep them moist but not soaking wet. Sorry cannot give you advice on price as I live in the UK and have no idea of the price of hanging baskets in the US - Kath:)

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Thankyou Fuschialady! This is my first time growing fuschia and you have given me some great tips!Thanks again, Mike

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Hi Mike,
I bought 3 10 inch hanging baskets of fuschias last year at the end of the season for half price. I got them for $10 each. They each had 5 plants in them and were gorgeous. I got lucky and we had an extended fall so I got lots of enjoyment from them. So if Michiganders will pay $20 each for fuschias for our short warm season, you should be able to get that, too!

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pikie54(Z8 LA)


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Hmmmmm...........I paid $3.97 for a Beautiful Fuchsia in a 2 gallon pot from Home Depot or Lowes.

It was large enough that I could only put 1 per 12" hanging basket (and its filling in nicely)

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witsend22(6Pa Bedford Co)

sounds like you made some good deals there.

I saw 10" hanging fushia at a wholesale nursury for 8 dollars the other day but this particular place has extremely large speciments in top conditions

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FlamingO in AR

Around here there are usually 3 large plants in a basket and they sell for about $16.

There used to be a man nearby that made the largest fuschia baskets I've ever seen, I could only fit ONE in the back of my SUV at a time, and I cheerfully paid $25 for each of them.

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KelleighKohl(E CAN)

I bought two beautiful fuschias, dark pink with with violet inside, in 12 inch hanging baskets for 10.95 canadian. Since I'm pretty new to plants other than shrubs, I wondered if you might help me. I was told that they don't like sunshine nor too much wind. We have just screened our back patio and it's pretty well wind protected, so I hung them in there with me. They are just beginning to blossom. They seem to stay pretty moist for at least two days, so can someone tell me in that atmosphere, how often should I water? I feel the earth everyday and there are tons of blooms ready to open and new ones coming. What beautiful Plants!!! I live in Nova Scotia and we're having a bit of a late summer, which will probably mean a mild fall. Our average daily temps are 19c and sunny, and evenings about 10 c. When summer does get here, the temps will range between 25-30, without humidity, higher with.

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penny1947(z6 WNY)

In the northeast hanging baskets of fuschia will range from $12.00 to $20.00 depending on whether they are from a nursery or a place like KMart, WalMart or Home Depot.

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Just to give you some idea of what we would pay in the U.K.
From a Mart, you can buy named plants in 3 inch pots for 79p about $1.40, or from our local Nursery, a named good size plant in a 4 inch pot would be £1.25 about $2.20. It's easy to get 'carried away'!

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valeriev(z9 Bay Area CA)

I bought a 10" hanging fushia from Home Depot this weekend for $12.95. I live in the Bay Area of California. My basket overfloweth with the beautiful fushias. I'm going to repot it in a very nice 12" basket with coconut lining and pray it does well.

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I bought a BEAUTIFUL 10" hanging hybrid fuchsia called Angels Earrings Cascading a couple of months ago at a local nursery. I paid $16 for it and would've paid much more as it's the most gorgeous fuchsia I've ever seen! I'm praying that I'm able to find the same species every year as I never want to be without this plant again. LOL It's starting to produce several deep purple pods right now and I was wondering if I could save them and possibly start new plants in the spring. Hmmm, just read the 'fine print' on the tag...says unauthorized probagation is prohibited.

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fuchsiabonsailady(z8 UK)

Quote " unauthorized propagation is prohibited." if it's for your own use, surely that's OK? - who's to know anyway :) :) :) - Kath:)

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MKull(8 SATX)

they don't say who's supposed to authorize a prop. do they? In that case, I give you my blessing hehe :)

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I was thinking along those lines you two. LOL And now that I have your blessings.... *Ã* I kinda peaked at some of the propagation tips, but they sure seem complicated. I even visited your website Kath and MY GOSH...soooo much cool info! I'll have to wait until tomorrow when I can spend more time reading up. Ohhhh...and I was feeling pretty good about my little flower gardens until I saw all yours pics. LOL Now I see how pathetic of a gardener that I really am. ;) You're gardens are incredibly gorgeous!!!

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fuchsiabonsailady(z8 UK)

Thanks for the compliments KRK, hopefully at the end of July my website will be updated, then there will be lots more new pics in the galleries, especially the gardens. Kath:):)

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How to I properly care and water my new fuschia in a plastic hanging basket?
I have it in a shady party of the garden, it is the coolest place I have that still gets a little sun.
The leaves are strating to droop, I don't know if it is from too little or too much water, or heat, or sun.
Help, it is a georgeous plant and I don't want to lose it.

My late grandfather was a pro at this plant, but I can't ask him for his help.
Was hoping it is is the genes.

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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

Your zone 10 how hot is it there? A lot of the Fuchsias don't like heat, it's probably a case of the leaves losing moisture faster then the plant can take up moisture from the roots. This happens to Fuchsias when it gets too hot for them, even up here in zone 8 we get some pretty hot days and my Fuchsias do the same thing.
When this happens to me I put them on the gravel floor of my shade house which I have soaked with the hose, then I mist the leaves a couple of times during the day. The worst thing you can do is overwater Fuchsias when it's hot, it's better to keep them a little on the dry side in hot weather, keep them out of the sun, and mist the foliage. You can actually cook the roots of a Fuchsia in wet soil when it's hot. Hope this helps.


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