Clarifications to FAQ on Propogating Fuchsia

gardeninginjordanApril 23, 2007

I bought a fuschia this week, and while transplanting it, broke off a branch. I decided it was a good opportunity to try to propogate some cuttings, so I took cuttings from the broken branch. I've read the FAQ, but have some clarifying questions.

"Soft-tip cuttings are the best" What is a soft-tip cutting?

"remove cutting from stem just underneath a leaf node" Should I strip off those last two leaves, or should I stick them into the compost?

"place in a well lit situation , but not in direct sunlight" Would a north-facing window provide enough light?

Lastly, the fuchsia was is in bloom, so many of the cuttings I took had buds on them. Should I remove these buds? Is there any chance they will put out roots at this stage?

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I am a beginner, but since nobody else has answered you yet, I'll give it a try. To the best of my knowledge, the soft tip cutting is just the growing tip, rather than a piece of the stem further down. Yes, do strip off the lower leaves. A north facing window has worked just fine for me. Always remove the flowers and buds so the plant can put its energy into making roots. I know many people can get them to root without rooting hormone, but I get a much higher success rate using it. Good luck!

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Thanks for the advice. I added some rooting hormone and removed the lowest stems and the buds. They're still looking good after a week and a half. If they all take off, I'll have enough fuchsias for the whole neighborhood!

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